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There's this meme going around, which goes: Name a character I've written about, and I will tell you three things that I think are essential to keep in mind when writing that character.

But when I thought about doing the meme, and what I might say about some of the characters that I write, I realized that I don't exactly operate that way. I tend to think about characters in combination with other characters; I don't really go around thinking about Rodney, for example, but instead I think about Rodney + Teyla, or Rodney + Sam, or whatever. I don't have just one set interpretation of the character; instead I have different ways of writing them depending on the kind of situation and who they're interacting with.

So here's what we'll do instead!

Give me a character relationship -- i.e. name two characters from a show/book/movie who have some kind of relationship in canon (friendship, coworkers, enemies, sexual relationship, blood relationship, whatever) -- and I'll tell you three things I believe about the relationship between those characters.

You can name characters from anything I'm into -- SGA, Avatar, Dresden Files, Sanctuary or Artemis Fowl would probably work best at the moment, since those are the ones that are most currently in my head, but you can also pull characters out of anything else I've fanned on, whether or not I've written for it. You can name more than two characters if there is a clearly defined relationship between all of them as a unit, like a group of siblings, a family, a group of people who work together, etc. I'm perfectly fine with people posting more than once, BUT wait 'til I answer before you go and give me another pair to write about. :)

ETA: Comments may contain spoilers for the canons being discussed. I'm trying to steer clear of HUGE spoilers but it's impossible to discuss some of these characters without spoiling things.

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