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The year in fic (2010 edition)

2010 has been a much better year for me both personally and creatively than 2009. Actually, looking back on 2009 ... it wasn't an awful year (no one I loved was sick or anything like that), but it wasn't a great year either, between depression and stress and a job I hated. There were some bright spots (Writercon!) but all in all, it's a year I'm happy to leave behind.

This year, though ... despite some down points, this year has been pretty good to me. And it's reflected in a much longer list of stories written -- I've had more time to write, and I've been in a healthier mental place to write from. This is also the first year since I got into SGA in 2006 and started writing fanfic again that I've gotten into other fandoms in a big way -- Dresden Files and A:TLA -- which I think helped a lot. I haven't left SGA fandom (I mean, just look at the list of fic I've written for it ...) but I'm definitely enjoying that sense of joyous discovery that comes with falling for a new fandom.

All fic is worksafe unless otherwise stated. Because I'm lazy, even though most of these stories are crossposted in various places, all these links point to the LJ posts for each story. (Sorry.) However, the LJ posts have all the crosspost links to DW and AO3, for those stories that have them, in case you'd rather read/comment/etc on other platforms.

SGA - Gen

Life Extraordinary - A sort-of "Defiant One" tag taking place after "Lost Tribe". Team. 2500 wds.

All the Roads Return - Rodney, Teyla, little bit of team. 9500 wds.

Not Exactly Rodney's Favorite Planet - Rodney h/c with team. 3500 wds.

Piece by Piece - Teyla + everyone, through the years. 4900 wds.

untitled team + Torren fluff for my Stargate commentfic graduation party - Team, Torren. 500 wds.

untitled Teyla fic also for the commentfic graduation party - Teyla, team. 700 wds.

Wraithshadow - A fic for the whaleverse, a Ronon & Teyla prequel for the [community profile] hc_bingo square "Wings". 11,500 wds.

Peripheral - Radek-centric fic (plus team & Lorne) for [community profile] sgareversebang. 7000 wds.

untitled Search & Rescue tag for tridget - Sheppard, Caldwell. Written for a request. 1300 wds.

Four Seasons on a Texas Ranch - My help_pakistan for raphe1, from my Long Road Home AU 'verse (the Texas AU). 4300 wds.

Aftermath - gen prompt fill for kinkbingo. Team, heavy h/c; deals with aftermath of rape. 1200 wds.

The Pegasus Galaxy School of Massage - Team gen, although see notes on fic: contains very light hints of Rodney/Ronon and OT4. "Broken Ties" tag. 6600 wds.

Grain Daughter for the Three Space Shows & a Movie ficathon - Teyla + team. 3900 wds.

Another Day at the Office, also for the Three Space Shows & a Movie ficathon - Jeannie & Vala. 1900 wds.

The Rules are the First to Go for the sheppard_hc Secret Santa exchange - early season one, John-centric w/ensemble & Sheppard-McKay friendship. 13,000 wds.

The Hunters for sga_santa - light McKay/Keller UST, but mostly gen; Jennifer, Teyla, Rodney. 26,500 wds.

Satedan Justice for sga_santa - Ronon, team; season five. 10,700 words.

SGA - Pairings

Untitled whaleverse snippet for naye - John/Rodney + team, light h/c-ish fluff. 1300 wds.

Icebreaker for non_mcsmooch - John/Jennifer (but not a partner-betrayal story), post-canon. 1000 wds.

Jumper Down for sticksandsnark - Rodney/Teyla, h/c. 9800 wds.

Coping Mechanisms - Rodney/Jennifer, Teyla/Kanaan, Ronon/Amelia; R-ish (no graphic sex, but lots of talking about sex). 3300 wds.

Voyage of the Wraith Hunter - John/Teyla & ensemble, kind of apocalyptic post-canon fic. 3200 wds.

Good Girls Don't - Jeannie/Kaleb, consensual rape kink, for kinkbingo. In which I fail at being anonymous. NC-17. 2400 wds.

untitled Rodney/Larrin fic for kinkbingo - WARNING: graphic noncon. NC-17. 1400 wds.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

All my A:TLA fic is mostly gen with background-ish hints of canon pairings.

Red is the Color of the End of the World - Katara POV on the post-canon world (also with Zuko, Aang, Mai). 4400 wds.

Guardian - Mai, post-series. (Also a bit of Zuko, Aang, Toph). 2000 wds.

five ways water looks at fire - Katara's thoughts on Zuko at five points in the series. 3900 wds.

Five Times Zuko Realized He Loved Someone - Pretty much what it says on the box. 3400 wds.

Family for bringthehappy - Zuko & Toph. 700 wds.

Bright Side, also for bringthehappy - Zuko & Aang. 350 wds.

The Art of Tea and Conversation for [community profile] avatar_minis - Katara & Iroh, with cameos from most of the others. 3000 wds.

Dresden Files

Next of Kin - post-Changes fic, instantly jossed by "Aftermath", as I rather suspected it would be. 2100 wds.

Poker Face - "Small Favor" missing scene, mostly Murphy & Thomas with a little Harry. 3300 wds.

Five Things Justine Never Told Thomas About Herself - Like the title says. Mention of rape and abortion. 3100 wds.

Chase Scene for Yuletide - Harry, Murphy, Thomas. 10,500 wds.

Other fandoms

Three Snow Days - NCIS fic for purimgifts. Link goes to the post at my LJ announcing the fic, although it's hosted in three separate posts on AO3 - 2006, 2008, 2010. 2400 wds total.

Rescue for Yuletide - Benjamin January Mysteries. January, Shaw, Dominique. 4000 wds.

A Mistress and a Friend for Yuletide - Benjamin January Mysteries. Hannibal/Consuela. 600 wds.

There are also about 60,000 words of holiday fic still anonymous or unrevealed in Yuletide, sga_santa and fandom_stocking.

Not counting the unrevealed stuff (and assuming I didn't miss something when I was going through my tags to make this post), these are my fic writing totals in 2010. I'll update this after the reveals on everything! (I just ... like making this kind of list. Don't mind me.)

SGA: 131,900 wds
ATLA: 17,700 wds
Dresden Files: 19,000 wds
Other: 7000 wds

Total for 2010: 175,600

Like I said, a pretty good year.

ETA 1-2-10: Totals and fic lists have been updated to include my Yuletide and sga_santa fic.

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