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More fandom stuff

sga_santa is posting again! I've been really apathetic about SGA the last few months, but maybe having a slew of shiny new stories will help with that. And somewhere in there is one for me, and one by me. (Personally I think my story is blindingly obvious this year -- obvious fic is obvious! -- but I'm still curious if anyone guesses which one is mine.)

My story Another Day at the Office (Jeannie, Vala) has been podficced by [personal profile] juniperphoenix, available here. Thank you! <3

I am almost done with my holiday stories (just need to edit the sheppard_hc one). This has been a rather unusual year for me in that I've had a lot of time to write gift exchange fic, so I'm taking full advantage of it; now I'm turning my attention to doing a handful of Yuletide treats and stocking stuffers for fandom_stocking. (I'm kind of torn on writing Yuletide treats early? On the one hand, I don't want to steal anybody's glory from their "official" story. But on the other hand, most of what I want to write is in tiny fandoms that have little-to-no fic, and I'm sure that getting two stories ina little bitty fandom would be nice for the recipient. But I certainly don't want to make anyone feel bad.)

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Tags: podfic, yuletide
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