Sholio (sholio) wrote,

Spammity spam

Have I mentioned [community profile] fanart_recs lately? :D It's patterned after other reccing comms like crack_van and stargateficrec; this one's for fanart, obviously, and you sign up here to do at least four recs in your chosen fandom for a month. I'll be reccing Dresden Files in December -- I was doing SGA, but switched at the last minute because, well, Dresden Files is what I'm into right now ... which means they have no SGA reccers for December; anybody wanna? :D (You do need a DW account in order to rec, though not, obviously, to view it.)

sga_flashfic/[community profile] sga_flashfic is having an Amnesty round, which means that any of their past challenges (scroll past the "author" tags to the "challenge" tags) are available for writing! Blood, anyone? Sharks? Cake or Death? Not Dead Yet? Role Reversal? Secret Superpower? This may well be the comm's last hurrah (*sniffles* ... omg, I've been posting fic there since 2006, wtf) so, hey, if you're looking for inspiration, go poke through the tags and see if there's anything that begs to be written. :D

And finally, there is fandom_stocking (multi-fandom), where you can leave a wish list here, and poke through other people's "stocking" posts to see if there is anything you might want to leave for them.

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