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Apparently, constant posting is my default mode now

I got tired of beating on my NaNo (... not gonna post a word count update; too depressing) and went to finish reading Turn Coat instead, which means that now I'm even MORE depressed. Not in a seriously depressed kind of way, I mean; just more of a "wow, I really need some kittens and puppies now" kind of way.

I did have an interesting thought, though. I suppose this is too obvious to need stating, but if Ebenezar is Margaret's father, then that makes him Thomas's grandfather as well as Harry's ...

OH MAN I WANT TO SEE THE SCENE IN WHICH THEY FIND OUT. XDDD In addition to everything he says in Turn Coat about vampires and the inherent evilness thereof, Ebenezar is like ... the anti-Thomas. They'd annihilate each other on contact! But they're both almost fanatically loyal and protective of family. The cognitive dissonance is going to be AWESOME. (And I must say the idea of Ebenezar going all protective-grandfather over BOTH his grandsons is kind of awesome too; goodness knows Thomas could use someone else in his corner who's not evil and/or crazy.)

Except I'm not precisely sure how they're going to find out, since the only person who knows both of their secrets is, well. Dead.

Think I'll go take a shower and try to get my NaNo plot to shuffle into something that makes sense.

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