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Still totally gone for Dresden Files. Just in case you wanted to know.

So I discovered smallfandomfest yesterday and, surprise surprise, have been posting Dresden Files prompts like there's no tomorrow. :D (Mostly involving some combination of Harry, Thomas, Murphy & Justine.) The 'fest will be open for prompt claiming on the 21st; here are the rules and a link to leave your prompts. Go prompt! Or look at the prompts and see if you might like to write one! If you leave a tasty enough prompt, I just might write it ... (I know, I know. But I still have an entire month and change to write my Secret Santas and Yuletide! I can do this!)

I must say that I found smallfandomfest's prompt interface very difficult to navigate at first; it took me forever (and a lot of frustrated searching) to figure out how to look at the list of other people's prompts. Possibly that's just because I'm an idiot. But if you have the same problem, from the prompt entry window there's a link at the top left.

I've now reached Turn Coat on the re-read, and if it seems like it took me forever to get around to this one, compared to the others ... it's true; I'm finding it just as wrenching to read as I was afraid it would be. It was bad enough the first time, expecting that there would be a rescue and, if things weren't exactly made better, then at least all would be fixable at the end. But this time ... knowing where it's going; knowing that the end result of all Harry's worry and desperation is going to be the failure to save one of the people he loves most ... damn you, Butcher. How do you make me care about these people so much. :D

I miss Thomas's easy rapport with Harry so much. There's this bit in the chapter I just read where Harry mentions Thomas taking him out on the lake and teaching him to drive the boat, and thinking about how they had that and then lost it ... it's just, WAAAAHHHHHH. ;_; I'm still doggedly determined to believe that he's still Thomas under all of the darkness and creeping evil and everything, just really badly messed up, but I don't know how they're ever going to get back what they had. I don't know how Thomas is going to find his way back from the dark place he's in, now that the Hunger has taken more control of him. I just ... augh. *weebles*

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