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Dear Yuletide Writer

(Incidentally, I am signed up as "Sholio", my AO3/ pseudonym. Someday I really need to go into AO3 and create a "friendshipper" pseud to make things less confusing.)

Anyway! Thank you very much for writing for me. :) I am fairly easy to please, and I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever you write for me. Having said that, here is some information on my reading likes/dislikes to help you! (These are suggestions only; please don't feel like you have to write THIS AND ONLY THIS.)

Stuff I like to read:
I love friendships and families, including families that we adopt by choice as well as the ones who are related by blood. I adore snark and banter, and moments of caring between characters who have trouble showing it. I love h/c, self-sacrifice, characters worrying about each other and protecting each other (physically or emotionally), and have a seekrit soft spot for fake character deaths (he's dead ... no wait, he's alive! All the angst of deathfic without the actual death!). I love plotty action stories, but I'm also a total sucker for domestic family fluff, like characters making hot cocoa, celebrating a holiday, playing board games, stuff like that.

Stuff I don't like to read:
I prefer not to have canon couples broken up, especially to get one character together with another. I'm really not into porn (I don't have a problem with explicit sex in stories, just, I don't really get off on porn and would be happier with a story about a couple doing something else together). Incest is a big squick. I'm not really into AUs or crossovers. I can handle dark stuff and even deathfic as long as it fits with the general tone of canon (that is, I don't expect happy fluff for a canon like Warchild), but I like to be left with a sense of hope at the very least.

I think my requests were comprehensive enough that they stand on their own just fine, but they're reproduced here for easy reference, plus a bit of commentary. :) Once again, these are just suggestions; write me a story that you like, and chances are I'll like it too!

Dresden Files - Jim Butcher

I'd love something focused on Harry and Thomas, anytime after they learn that they're brothers - saving each other's lives, helping each other get patched up after yet another crazy adventure, having a heart-to-heart in their own smartass style, or just hanging out. (Changes spoilers are fine - I've read it - but I think my preference would be something from the pre-Turn Coat period, when they're not so estranged.) I also really adore Thomas/Justine, and would in fact be quite interested in a story focused on Justine, especially if she gets to be smart, capable and kick-ass. Or a story about Justine and Harry - maybe she has to ask him for help with something embarrassing or dangerous and doesn't want Thomas to know about it? I'd love to see Harry through her eyes.

I've been re-reading the books and right now I'm totally gone for Harry and Thomas's snarky-but-caring brother relationship, especially their protectiveness towards each other, and I've fallen hard and fast for Thomas/Justine as well (so very messed up, but so sweet). When I was writing my request, the thought occurred to me that seeing Harry through Justine's eyes might be really interesting; I loved that scene in Turn Coat when she tells him that she thinks of him as family. But really, I would be delighted with any Harry and/or Thomas that I can get (and if you want to include Murphy or some of the others as well, that would be the awesomesauce icing on the awesomecake!).

Death Gate Cycle - Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman

Reposting last year's request - I have been wanting Alfred and Haplo friendship fic FOREVER. Post-series would be awesome, but stories set during canon are just fine, too! If you need a plot direction, maybe something about the search for Haplo and Marit's daughter, or helping other Patryns out of the Labyrinth in general, or trying to work out the political situation in the Nexus, or Alfred dropping by to visit Haplo and Marit at "home" (wherever "home" is at the moment). Maybe finding a way to free Orla (SHE'S NOT DEAD LA LA LA). I like Haplo/Marit too.

I'm just going to keep requesting this one until sooner or later I get it. *g* This is pretty much last year's request except for the bit at the end about Orla, whose fate I've been musing on lately.

Never Trust a Dead Man - Vivian Vande Velde

Farold's snark, and Farold and Selwyn's bickering, kinda rocks my world. I also adore Elswyth (see above re: snark), and Elswyth/Selwyn would be hilariously awesome, if you want to go that way. (Or Elswyth/Selwyn/Farold, for that matter, though if you do Farold/anybody, I'd appreciate if he's somehow acquired a human body at the time. Although now I'm imagining Farold falling in love AS A GOOSE and cracking up. The hilarity! The angst! If you can pull it off while still doing justice to the characters, go for it!) Mostly, though, I just want to see more of their adventures after the end of the book, and gen/friendship is just fine with me. :)

Ahaha, these characters, omg. They are so cute, and the idea of the three of them wandering around the countryside getting into trouble together just makes me all kinds of happy. I'm still more of a gen fan than a shipper, but if you'd like to write them in any combination, I think I can see it. :D (Perhaps my least favorite of the options would be Farold/Selwyn, because I don't want Elswyth to be shunted aside; she's my favorite of the three. But, you're the author, so please do what makes you happy!)

Warchild series - Karin Lowachee

My dream fic in this fandom would be either a) Jos and Niko gen bonding (fluffy, angsty, funny, h/c, whatever), or b) Aki's POV on a medical emergency involving some of the other characters (or just her POV on the people who come through the Macedon's sickbay in general). However, I really adore all of Lowachee's wonderfully messed-up characters - my favorites are Jos, Niko, Cairo Azarcon, and Aki, and I have a special fondness for the Macedon crew in general, but I love the whole 'verse and I really think I'd be happy with whatever you write: short fluffy fic, angsty h/c, plotty post-canon fic ... I would be pleased with any of it, and I'm cool with non-canon pairings as well.

Well, that's fairly comprehensive. :) This is another series in which, although I'd prefer gen (well, as gen as the series is to begin with, which isn't very), I think I can roll with pretty much any pairing or threesome/moresome. (Er, if you do pair off characters, though, I tend to have trouble in general with relationships that have unequal power dynamics, like, say, Jos/Niko or Cairo/anyone-under-his-command. I'm not saying DON'T WRITE THEM, just ... that kind of pairing isn't really my thing, in general.) And I would be equally delighted with 1000 words of the Macedon crew snarking at each other. :D

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