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More musings on Yuletide, while I dink around with my letter and signup

... er, this is totally a serious question: does anyone consider it uncouth/in poor taste to use Christmas icons on Yuletide posts? I know that Yuletide-the-ficathon =/= Christmas, but the ficathon timeline is not-so-subtly built around it, and they're definitely associated in my head. Plus I rarely get to use those icons, SO... But I don't want to make anyone feel excluded by using holiday-specific icons, when I could just as easily use writing icons instead. Um. Thoughts?

Anyway, I've been pondering the new signup form. You can now add some new things to your request: you can specify kind of pairing (Gen, F/F, etc), you can add a freeform tag (like "hurt/comfort" or "fluff") -- none of these are guaranteed, but they might make it easier to match authors with other authors with like tastes.

I think for me, this actually makes it HARDER, because my requests are usually pretty varied (I'd love this OR this other thing OR this completely different thing) and now I have to figure out if I want Thing #1 enough to use tags specifically geared towards getting it. In a fandom where I would be very happy with gen or with pairings X and Y, do I check "gen" or one of the pairing options or just leave it blank? If I check "gen", will that make it less likely for my writer to write me Pairing X even though they love Pairing X as much as I do and have a great idea for it? *wails*

I already dithered a lot on choosing characters, because if I have several options for my writer involving different characters, do I pick all of them even though I don't actually mean "all of these have to be in my story"? Or do I pick some subset of them, even though I would be just as happy with pairing a/b as I would be with gen featuring b, c, d?

Don't get me wrong, I think it's awesome that they have all these options! I imagine it probably works better for Yuletide writers who are more specific than me, or more willing to exclude things. I think actually, the way my Yuletide brain works tends to go more in the "anything BUT this" direction than in the "must have THIS" direction -- usually I'd be happy with any pairing but the one or two that really squick me, for example, or I'd like a story from any part of canon except this one section that I really hated, or whatever. But it's hard to get that across in the signup in a non-judgmental way.

Don't mind me, just dithering, carry on. :D

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