Sholio (sholio) wrote,

Writing commitments

I like making LISTS (and having all this information in one place).

1. spook_me (A:tLA, due Oct. 26)
Status: Did some research. Wrote a little. Nothing concrete yet.

2. sheppard_hc secret santa (SGA, 3000-wd minimum, due Dec. 21-Jan. 3)
Status: Brainstorming.

3. sga_santa (SGA, 1000-wd minimum, due Dec. 10)
Status: Signups close Oct. 10 & assignments go out by Oct. 17.

4. Yuletide (1000-wd minimum)
Status: Signups not open yet.

ETA: 5. yuletart
Status: Signups close Oct. 10 & assignments go out by Oct. 20.

Other stuff: h/c bingo fics. [personal profile] astridv's Finders AU for help_haiti. Need to decide on [community profile] festivids (probably not this year). Still waffling on NaNo. Would like to finish some of my A:tLA and SGA WIPs before they evolve sentience and start eating the folder I'm storing them in. Also have about a half-dozen different pieces of meta and book reviews I've been noodling with, but haven't gotten around to writing. Doing another long chaptered fic would be awesome -- I haven't posted something chapter-by-chapter since I got my AO3 account, and I want to give it a try! -- but I'll probably have to save that for next year (maybe!).

Current status of original YA novel, which I want to have done by the end of October:

33000 / 52000 (63.46%)

Only three months left in the year! Where did 2010 go?

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