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Huh. Look. FMA recs.

... was pretty much my reaction upon discovering this file while cleaning off my eternally cluttered desktop. I went through a period this spring when I was reading through all the FMA fic featuring Roy and/or Riza on AO3, and saving mini-recs to post to my journal when I had enough of them. Except I never went ahead and did it. So I may as well do it now (right?) even though I never finished writing up recs for everything I liked. I think some of these I may have discovered via [personal profile] astridv, as well.

The Perfumes of Arabia by Edonohana (gen, Hughes & Roy) - This is an awesome look at Roy and Hughes' friendship and their coping mechanisms in Ishbal. I love how there are no easy answers here, and I think what I love most about this is that (unlike most Roy-&-Hughes-in-Ishbal fic) Hughes is shown here as being every bit as screwed up as Roy; he just handles it differently.

But Speak the Word Only by bravenewcentury (gen, Riza, Roy; manga canon) - Lovely look at Riza's transition from Ishbal back into civilian life.

Trajectory by bravenewcentury (some Roy/Riza, Riza POV; manga canon) - Very nice character study of Riza, shortly after her transfer to Central.

For Tomorrow by zauberer_sirin (light Roy/Riza; contains most of Roy's team) - A sweet, probably soon-to-be-jossed futurefic [note: I wrote this while the manga was still ongoing; so probably it's already been jossed *g*] - a snapshot in time, after the war. Really lovely, understated Roy/Riza that fits perfectly with canon.

Cinder and Smoke by sister_coyote (some explicit Roy/Riza, though mostly gen; manga canon) - This is a great look at young Roy and Riza from her POV, during his apprenticeship through the Ishbal years and the burning of the tattoo.

Whisky in the Glass by sister_coyote (Roy/Riza; manga canon) - A little snapshot of a stolen moment.

while befriending fate's alluring way of putting us to shame by sister_coyote (Roy/Riza, anime canon, post-anime) - One way things might have gone after the end of the anime. Gentle hurt/comfort and recoveryfic.

Heart Warmth by Luc Court (gen, Hughes & Roy, anime canon) - Nice little Ishbal-era Roy & Hughes friendship piece. It's second person, which was a little distracting for me, but sweet; I do love me some screwed-up Roy. *g*

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished by PandoraCulpa (gen, Roy, Ed) - Dialogue-only fic in which Roy and Ed are trapped together and forced to work together to escape (horrors!). Perfect character voices; the author really nails the subtle respect underlying their bickering.

Intermission by bob_fish (light Roy/Riza, h/c) - Lovely aftermath fic for the fight with Lust.

Chessfic by vikki (Roy, Ed, gen) - Roy and Ed play chess. Really cute and fun, as well as a neat portrait of both characters.

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