Sholio (sholio) wrote,

You can always tell when the writing isn't going well ...

... because I write LJ posts instead!

Considering that I only filled in, what, two squares on my cliche_bingo card, I do not need to sign up for H/C bingo, right? Right. But I waaaaaaant to. XD (Here: Their list of h/c cliches for the bingo cards. See why I'm tempted?)

I did get my first choice for the SGA Reverse Bang, so now I have 5000 words of fic to write by early July. (Well, by June 25th or so in my case, since I'm off on another trip then.) My art is done and off to the writer, so all is looking good on that front!

*goes to post* WTF ... THE INTERNETS ARE GONE. (My internet access just went down. Let's see if it's back by the time I'm done typing this sentence. STILL NOT BACK. Guess I'll take a walk and see if it comes back. Sure, I could work on the short story I'm supposed to be writing today, but that would just be silly.)

Nevermind, it's back, although slow. You know, I think it says a lot about my life that I actually notice if our DSL goes out for two or three minutes.
Tags: life, tv:sga
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