Sholio (sholio) wrote,

Spamming my f'list

First a random rec that I've had sitting around for ages:

Thin-Spun Life by troyswann - Being Human, all the housemates; sort of a fix-it for the season two finale, except that it seems weird to call it a fix-it when it's so sharp and chest-hurty. But this is a brilliant story -- heartbreaking and wonderful, with gorgeous language and absolutely spot-on characterizations; all the relationships and the character voices are perfect. It's not really depressing, it's just ... hard-edged, and one of the most brilliant fics I've read in this fandom.

Okay, there's that. In other news, I'll be house-sitting in Anchorage this weekend, which means my Internet access will be random and, also, just on the off chance ... does anyone on my f'list live in that general area? (I've already PM'd the one Alaskan f'listie that I know about.) Hey, if anyone else lives in Southcentral AK, we could have coffee and meet up or something? I'll be there from Thursday through Monday, and visiting plans for family and friends are being finalized, but my schedule is pretty loose right now. :)

sga_genficathon is done posting. Author reveals will be in a week or so! If SGA gen is your cuppa, check out all the fic. :)
Tags: recs, recs:being human, tv:being human
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