Sholio (sholio) wrote,

Too many WIPs ...

Conveniently, it looks like this week is WIP Amnesty at wip_amnesty, where WIPs can be released into the wild. It's an excellent time to sweep my WIP folder clean, like I was talking about doing a week or so ago, and making a fresh start. *sweeps* *sweeps* *sweeps*

I still have two WIPs in the folder (the Finders AU, and my genficathon story start, though I might just toss that one and start over). And there's my sticksandsnark story, which is done but needs to be spiffed.

In the process of moving fics, I found one I'd forgotten about -- a short Teyla-contemplates-having-an-abortion story from season four. I hate to toss it out because it's technically a complete story, but it really needs a heavy rewrite because of the controversial subject matter, and I'm not sure if it'll ever reach a shape where I feel comfortable posting it. So I've tucked it into the dead WIPs folder for now.

My active working folder hasn't looked this spiffy since I first got started in the fandom! 68 abandoned WIPs have now been tucked away; most never made it past the rough-idea-and-first-couple-of-paragraphs stage; others I may someday return to, but if they're put away, they can't nag for my attention anymore.

SO CLEAN! SO SHINY! *bounces*
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