Winter Sunlight

A little more fic

The last of the fics I completed on my vacation (well, except for the sticksandsnark one). Apparently I should be deprived of the Internet more often; I seem to write a lot under those circumstances. *g* This one's pretty much pure self-indulgence.

Title: Not Exactly Rodney's Favorite Planet
Rating: PG/gen
Word Count: 3500 wds
Summary: Rodney gets food poisoning on a mission. Just a bit of random Rodney h/c and general teaminess. (John POV)
Notes: May be hard to read for those with bodily function squicks (though it's really not graphic; I squick too easily for that myself *g*).

Not Exactly Rodney's Favorite PlanetCollapse )
Team interaction focusing on Rodney is awesome! I think you got his character perfectly well. Thanks!
I read this one once before, but it's always nice to read it again! This little fic was fun and while I felt bad for Rodney, I kind of loved John's reaction to the whole situation.

Thanks for sharing your work!
Thank you! Yeah, I felt bad for Rodney writing this. *g* And for the rest of them, for that matter, because dealing with a sick roommate is no fun!

(And no worries about the accidental deletion. It happens!)
Also: I accidentally deleted your response to me on sgagenrefinders and I feel like a giant douche for doing that so I wanted to apologize! I didn't want you to think I did it on purpose, because I really did appreciate the recs!

Sorry! :(
I had a wicked-bad case of food poisoning when I was ten. Should'a gone to the hospital, now that I look back on it, and my parents agree. Hindsight and all that crud...

My mom deserves some extra-shiny medals for taking care of me during that horribleness. Three days of me on the toilet with a wastebasket in front of me. UGH. Totally ruined me to ever going to Disney Orlando again.
Still, at least I was starting to get over it by the flight home. My brother on the other hand... yeah, those in-flight barf bags were thankfully made to stand up to abuse.

Hope that wasn't too squicky. I have this tendency to really go into minute & explicit detail with the gross squishy stuff - used to be an EMT. Training was awesome, especially when tough, manly jocks in my class would get all green and nauseous while I sat there gleefully commenting on the filmmaker's use of vegetables & foodcoloring to make realistic wounds and such. Heh.
LOL! I probably would've been a terrible nurse, but I like writing medical stuff. *g* And hopefully the story didn't bring back too many bad memories. *g*