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Everybody loves polls.

I was pondering the lack of vids in SGA fandom lately, and had a thought. I'm not sure if it's a good thought, and really I need a new project like a hole in the head right now, but ... what do you guys think of an SGA vidding exchange fest, kind of like Festivids?

Would you participate in an SGA vidding exchange?

Yes, but only if it's not an exchange (too much pressure to vid for someone else!)
I can't/don't want to vid, but I'll be cheering from the sidelines!
Speaking as someone who has been vidding SGA of late and who has a few more in the works, I would definitely participate in a fest for more. That is, assuming my vidding computer gets unbroken by then.

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ooh, sorry to hear about your computer. But I'll keep people posted on whether or not this goes anywhere!
I have JUST started learning about video software and just got a copy of Premiere Elements. I've been dying to do some SGA vids and would love a forum in which to share/exchange them! I don't know about doing a vid for someone else, though, just because my vids are likely to be crap until I get the hang of this. :)
Ooh, awesome. :) I do love fests and things of that nature for getting me out of my rut and making me try new things!
I'm not a vidder, but I'd be cheering from the sidelines!! A Vid Fest sounds excellent to me! my "learning how to vid" stage. Would SG-1 footage also be allowed (like gateverse - so SGA and SG-1)?
(I have a vid that has been in my head for a long time that spans both verses)

Actually, I think that question brings up a good point. Making it Gateverse rather than just SGA would probably be a good idea -- I think interest would probably be kind of light, and opening it up wider would get more people involved! :D
This sounds cool. I have three SGA vids already completed and two that are still WIP. Maybe this would encourage me to get off my butt and finish them.

Oh, I really hope this gets off the ground. You're right, I haven't seen a lot of new vids pop up on my friends list.

Recently I even had ideas for vids myself, it's just that I completely lack the knowledge so a challenge of any kind would probably not be the best time to get started. (Though I kindof want to. Maybe if it's not an exchange, and comes with a generous deadline...)

I'd definitely be cheering on from the sidelines though, and pimping it on my journal and watching the results. :)
Would these be songvids, or vids which tell a story? Because I love making songvids, but haven't had any experience of the other sort.

I'd definitely be up for participating in this!