Sholio (sholio) wrote,

Vacation over - finally!

HOME. *clings to home* I tend to be kind of a homebody in general, but I've rarely been this delighted to not be traveling anymore omg. Even though our water tank fill pipes froze up while we were gone, so right now we have no water at the house, and early this morning we were out there desperately trying to thaw the pipes (after five hours of sleep) before we had to leave for work/school, while my husband was simultaneously trying to conduct a teleconference with his work group in other time zones on the cordless phone ... and I've missed a bunch of class and he's missed a bunch of work, so now we're both scrambling to get caught up.

Fun times. And right now I never want to fly anywhere ever again. I'm sure I'll get over it.

But a happy accident of all the flight delays was that I got an extra day and a half layover in Seattle, where I finally got to meet xparrot in person, after 8 or 9 years of knowing each other online. YAY. :D We wandered around downtown Seattle and talked about writing and fandom and SGA's last season (shockingly, without trying to strangle each other *g*) and feminism in sci-fi and Joss Whedon's oeuvre and lots of other things. Whee! I really wish I had people around here to fangirl with. :D (And I'm still kind of heartsick about missing out on the Vancouver thing, but on top of all my OTHER issues with that trip, right now the idea of trying to fly somewhere strikes dread into my heart.)

Anyway. HOME. So I should be able to post more SGA fic a little later, after I get some quiet time to edit it.
Tags: life
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