Atlantis city

Grr. Aargh.

I swear, this trip is making me never want to fly anywhere ever again. On the trip out, we got massive turbulence and weather-related delays, leading to an unexpected night in Chicago; this time around, we got mechanical problems leading to massive delays leading to no seats until Wednesday on any of our connecting flights. So we spent the night in Dallas (on the airline's dime; they're definitely being very conciliatory) and today they're getting us as far as Seattle, where I will hopefully be able to meet xparrot (after only, what, 8 years of chatting online? *g*), and then on Wednesday night they can manage to get us all the way to Fairbanks ... getting in at 1 a.m. on Thursday morning.

So I'm missing a couple days of classes, and hubby is missing a few days of work -- sigh. At least our petsitter was able to spend some extra days watching the place. *clings to petsitter*
Very annoying - though it does give you an opportunity to meet up with xparrot!

Thank goodness for understanding petsitters!
*nods* It's a hassle on all fronts, but we seem to have covered our major issues, so I guess all we can do at this point is settle back and enjoy our two extra days of vacation. :D
Wow. That is. Very much less than optimal? GRAR at the delays! (No seats until Wednesday, what?!)

But YAY for getting to meet xparrot (hopefully). You guys give each other hugs from me! Wish I could be there! \o/
(No seats until Wednesday, what?!)

I KNOW! That's what we said! Apparently many colleges take their spring breaks at roughly the same time, so tons of travelers are either going to or coming back from their spring vacations, and all the flights are booked solid for DAYS.

At least the airline paid for our hotel and gave us some vouchers for food, since it was a maintenance issue that threw us off schedule.
OMG, that like sucks major rocks!!!! I HATE flying (I get motion sickness), so getting anywhere is always an ordeal. This would not only have me sick, but the number of hops! yikes.
I am developing a hatred of it. XD Unfortunately, to get anywhere from Alaska usually takes a number of hours (a 10-hour flight is short for us) with several plane changes at various airports. So you kinda just have to put up with it. SIGH.

At least they have wireless on the plane! *waves to passing cloud*
I hope the rest of the flights go smoothly. Wireless hum? How much is the fees for that? The one flight I was on recently that had it, charged, and I didn't see for how much.
Yeah, there is a charge. It's $9.95 for a single flight, which I know is way more than it's worth for a 4-hour flight, but I couldn't resist the temptation. XD (And the flight is definitely speeding by! I suppose that I'm using the Internet's time-sucking tendencies to my advantage right now ...) I think I've been on a couple of previous flights that had wireless, but I didn't have a wireless-enabled laptop with me at the time.
Aw, wish I'd known you were in Dallas. Hope you enjoyed a bit of our fine weather though Sunday was warmer than yesterday. Enjoy Seattle. Beautiful place (at least in the summer when I've been there). Safe travels!
Oh fraaaaak, you're in Dallas? For some reason I thought you were way on the other side of the state. Maybe I just suck at geography. >_> I'm sorry we missed out on getting to meet! The way things have been going with my last few airplane trips, though, I may yet get stuck in Dallas again, and I'll try to remember you if I ever do!