Winter Sunlight

*delurks with fic*

Am now on airport wireless, and headed home! Internet-free vacation ... ending ... soon!

One thing I've been doing over the vacation is finishing up some fics from my languishing WIP folder. So you can expect a few stories to be posted over the next few days, as I polish them up. Starting with this one ...

Title: Life Extraordinary
Word Count: 2500 wds
Rating: G/gen
Timeline: Mid-fifth season, after "Lost Tribe"; basically a "Defiant One" tag, though
Summary: A team moment of downtime on a rare peaceful mission leads to stories of missions past.

Life ExtraordinaryCollapse )
Awww....very nice. I love how you show how the team care for each other.

I particularly like how if John's team suddenly started showing him respect he would want to know where his real team was.
Thank you very much! :)

Ha, yeah, poor John -- they never do what he tells them, but he wouldn't want it any other way!
Aww, very nice :D Glad to see the team have an interesting, an eventful mission for once. And find a bit of joy in the process :D
Yeah, they totally deserve a mission in which nothing is trying to kill them, every once in a while. :) Glad you enjoyed it!
Aww team! I really love the bond between them all, even up through season five, and I think you've captured that beautifully.
Thank you! It's actually a little weird for me to go back and watch the earlier seasons, in which they were noticeably less close than they later became; I find that dynamic really interesting to explore.
D'awwwww. This was so sweet; I was grinning the entire way through.

(Also, good taste in music! *thumbs up*)
Heh, I left you a comment which does not seem to have posted (at least it doesn't show up for me) so I'm commenting again in case it was eaten -- you may get this twice! In any case, thank you, and I'm glad you liked it! :) (And it was naye who introduced me to Carbon Leaf, I think, and I'm glad she did!)
He could ease Rodney out of a bad mood, could recognize whether Teyla's raised eyebrow meant genuine irritation or tolerant amusement, could tell the difference between Ronon's comfortable silences and his rocky, angry silences. The idea that they probably knew him that well, too, was equally disconcerting.

Aww. A lovely look at John and his team, and how far they've come.

Oh, and setting descriptions like this: The Stargate stood in the shadow of a rock spire, sculpted by the wind into a tormented shape right out of a Tim Burton film. make me want to grab a pencil and start drawing right away...
Thank you very much; I'm very glad you liked it! (And, ooh ... should you be moved to draw something, I would not, of course, object. :D :D :D)
Team! \o/ I love the quietness and comfort of this. And John's sudden realization that he knows these people (and, holy hell, they know him! *g*). I also love that Teyla was rambling on about Torren, because of course she would. But also, I kind of feel like she wouldn't ramble with just anybody, but this is her fam. Very awesome. :)
Thank you very much! Yes, I totally can see Teyla rambling about her baby, but only with people she likes and trusts. :)
I loved this one to bits! It was just so much fun. That part when John actually asked Rodney if it was okay they stick around the glowie buggies was so adorable. What more can I say, loved it, loved it!
Thanks! I really wanted to do a follow-up to "Defiant One" that showed a little more of the glowy bugs; it was one of the only times in the show that we ever saw local Pegasus wildlife!
Oh, so sorry to be late to the party! I've had this tab open since before my move, and only now have had enough time to read anything. This is so lovely and quiet; I love the team dynamic and your John voice and the team just being a team. I'm a sucker for team fic, and this is a lovely one. (Also, Defiant One is one of my favorite episodes too, so I loved the references to it.)