Sholio (sholio) wrote,

I figured I'd drop a quick note that I'm in the middle of a largely Internet-free spell -- well, as close as I seem to be able to come. (Seriously, the level of my addiction is awful.) One of my husband's grandparents is dying and we're staying with them and supplying emotional support etc. They don't have Internet (at least not the kind we can easily snag) or wi-fi hotspots nearby. Right now, we're at a Borders with wi-fi, so I'm wallowing in a couple hours of Internet, glorious Internet! All this is a long-winded way of saying that I will be kind of slow and erratic to respond to any communications that come my way 'til we get home in a week or so. (And while it's very sad that this is happening, of course, it's not devastating; she's been ill for years and this was not unexpected.)

Also, xparrot, if you are reading this, email me! I tried to email you at your xmagicalx email but apparently that one doesn't work anymore, and all my contacts are on my home computer. I wanted to ask a question; it's not terribly important though.

ETA: omg, this is SO SAD ... I keep thinking, "You know, I've looked up everything I needed to look up, and replied to all my outstanding emails; I really should leave this Borders sometime tonight", and then "Noooo, Internet, don't leave me! I can't go yet! I haven't even looked at Metafandom/Wikipedia/some-LJ-I-don't-even-read!" *stays*
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