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I figured I'd drop a quick note that I'm in the middle of a largely Internet-free spell -- well, as close as I seem to be able to come. (Seriously, the level of my addiction is awful.) One of my husband's grandparents is dying and we're staying with them and supplying emotional support etc. They don't have Internet (at least not the kind we can easily snag) or wi-fi hotspots nearby. Right now, we're at a Borders with wi-fi, so I'm wallowing in a couple hours of Internet, glorious Internet! All this is a long-winded way of saying that I will be kind of slow and erratic to respond to any communications that come my way 'til we get home in a week or so. (And while it's very sad that this is happening, of course, it's not devastating; she's been ill for years and this was not unexpected.)

Also, xparrot, if you are reading this, email me! I tried to email you at your xmagicalx email but apparently that one doesn't work anymore, and all my contacts are on my home computer. I wanted to ask a question; it's not terribly important though.

ETA: omg, this is SO SAD ... I keep thinking, "You know, I've looked up everything I needed to look up, and replied to all my outstanding emails; I really should leave this Borders sometime tonight", and then "Noooo, Internet, don't leave me! I can't go yet! I haven't even looked at Metafandom/Wikipedia/some-LJ-I-don't-even-read!" *stays*
Hi *waves*

It's almost weird, these days, to hear of a place without any wi-fi hotspots nearby...
*waves back*

I know! (Note: I am still at Borders, obviously. *g*) And they're not in the middle of nowhere, either; they're in a small town on a fairly well-traveled highway. It is possible (well, actually probable) that there is somewhere with wi-fi in the town, but, since we're unfamiliar with the area and they haven't ever looked, we have to drive an hour to the outskirts of the nearest city to find that sort of thing.

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Motels and the like usually have wi-fi but it's all protected. Good to know about Borders, I'll keep that in mind for the next time I'm travelling.

(Note: I am still at Borders, obviously. *g*)


I was just thinking to myself, I'm sitting at my computer again. Why am I sitting at my computer?? I'm supposed to work.
I'm not sure if every Borders has it, but many of them seem to. (Here in the U.S., bookstores and coffee shops are both good places to find free wireless, and I have discovered on this trip that an increasing number of chain restaurants have it, too. I'm not sure how internationally true that is, however.)

ETA: Oh, and libraries often have it, too!

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It is hard supporting your family when someone has been ill for a long time. When the end comes it is not unexpected and the aftermath is not as crushing, so you feel a bit lost as how to react.

On a brighter note, I know all about you net woes. I was so lost without the net at home. Going to stores to freeload from theirs, staying at work after I was done. Using my phone!

Enjoy it....and I hope things get better.
*nods* Yeah; it's this weird thing where I know intellectually that this should be devastatingly sad, but it's not really, and it's very disconcerting. Everyone is just wandering around not really knowing what to do. Or, as the case may be, hiding out in bookstores. *looks around nervously*

And thanks.
Very sorry to hear about your husband's grandparent. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers.

(On a completely unrelated note, I just got into Leverage and saw that episode within the past week—awesome icon!)
Thank you.

I love this icon. And I love Parker! Sadly, I'm not too crazy about the show itself, but it has some marvelous characters.
I'm sorry to hear about your impending loss. Even knowing it's coming, it's never easy. *hugs

Ahh, Internet addiction... Yes, I know exactly what you mean. And I'll miss having you around. I hope you make it back to Borders soon!
Even unexpected can still be emotional. Take care, we'll be thinking of you *hugs*
Sorry to hear about yours and your hubby's lost... uh, I hope that it at the very least warmer there than at your usual residence?

And re: net addiction... I was like you when I visited the US. I loved all the wifi hotspots and the San Franncisco Borders didn't shut till midnight, so it was not too bad to hang out at (and see Sarah Palin's autobiography... which kinda amused me a bit).

Thanks! :) And yes, it is much warmer. Almost too warm -- it's very disconcerting to go from freezing to hot and humid!

Heh, we've been prowling for wireless in the actual town itself and managed to find a hookup at a local restaurant (where I am now). Whee, Internet!
It is sad in a very different, almost-distant way, watching someone decline slowly *hugs*