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Spamming my flist, spammity spam

I just ran across a tidbit on yuletide_admin that may be useful for those of you who are neurotic in the same ways that I am neurotic. For those of you who are now using AO3, from this post:

Is there any way to hide the hit counters on my stories?

If you go into your account and select "My Preferences" on the bottom left, there are options for:

Don't show me hits on my stories.
Don't publicly display hits on my stories.

Eventually there will be an option that lets you turn off the hit counts completely, so that you won't see yours or anyone else's, as well as a means of sorting by hit counts, which will be useful when trying to give love to those stories that haven't been hit as much.

Personally, I hate knowing the hit counts for my stories. Almost as much as I hate getting notifications for everything under the sun... which AO3, to my relief, does not seem to do. When suddenly started sending notifications when people bookmark you and whatnot, I rushed off post-haste and turned all of that stuff off. No, I do not know when people favorite my stories or add them to communities, and I do not want to know either. It just makes me crazy(er). Same reason why I don't get notified when people friend/unfriend me on LJ. Why would I want to know that? See above re: making crazy. *g* I'm glad the option is there for people who want it, but boy, do I ever not want to know.

I haven't gone and turned off the hit counters on my Yuletide stories quite yet because I'm actually sort of curious and interested at the way that different fandoms have noticeably different hits-to-reviews ratios. But I'll probably do it after the anon period is over, because of the aforementioned crazymakingness.
I totally get the feeling. Just like when that gadget came out that let you actually track who was visiting your LJ pages and whether it was through flist or actually clicking your lj...I did it once just to see how it works but the whole thing was so crazy making I never wanted to do it again.

I never want to be notified about friending/defriending either. I do check a couple of times a year to see what's up with friending defriending of my lj, but that's mostly because I'm friends-only and I don't want to leave someone out.

I do like being informed on hit counts on OTHER people's stories though :)
I do like being informed on hit counts on OTHER people's stories though :)

Ahhh, yeah, there's the rub -- so do I. *g* And I like seeing how many comments a story has. What can I say ... I'm nosy!
Hee, this is one of those, what, the world doesn't share my brain? moments. I love hit counters - like, on, I find what gets read most, and hit/comment ratios, fascinating. For instance, of my SGU stories, the Rush stories get lots of comments and hits, and the one Matt Scott story has been ignored. I hope TPTB are seeing the same trends in what they use to track popularity! Among SGA, the top two hit-getters are among my favorites, but then comes the one kinda-Ronon/Jennifer story I did. So I see what TPTB meant by her being more popular than some of us thought!

For LJ, I don't want to know when I'm unfriended, but I like to know when I'm friended because I always friend back (my flist would still be manageable, I think, at twice the size), so I have that on. On, I like to see when my stories are added to lists - I like to read the profiles of the adders. (Um, also the only part of Physics Today regularly read are the obituaries; which seemed relevant when I wrote it just now, but maybe not.)
Well, it would be a very boring world if we were all alike, wouldn't it? *g*

I just don't really want to know ... and I've seen enough posts and comments from people stressing about the typically low hit-to-review ratio that I just don't want to add that kind of stress to my life. I suspect that I would obsess on it, given half a chance. But obviously there are people who like the counters, since they are an option and lots of people use them, and there's nothing wrong with that.