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More Yuletide recs

'nother batch of recs. I've never really had time around the holidays to actually read more than one or two of the stories while they're still anonymous ... so I'm making the most of it this year! :D

When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Invisible Man, gen) - Really enjoyable post-series casefic, capturing the show's blend of absurdity, action and banter.

While We Tell of Smekday Treasure (True Meaning of Smekday, gen) - This fits so perfectly with the world of the books; the author has absolutely nailed the books' funny-yet-serious tone, as well as J.Lo's absolutely unique voice. And the sly references to Boovian pop culture are hilarious.

Finding Zihuatanejo (Rita Hayworth & The Shawshank Redemption, gen) - This is based on the novella, not the movie. The author really nails King's chatty, detail-rich writing style, and I love this look at Andy and Red's reunion.

Drinking With Death (Dead Like Me, gen) - This is just gorgeous - sweet and sad at the same time, and perfectly in keeping with the tone of the show.

Like a Beethoven Symphony (Madeline L'Engle, Joshua, gen) - Joshua fic! I loved him so much, and this look at family and faith from Joshua's POV is just perfect. ♥

Quantum Leap (all are gen)

Little, White - Ow. This hurts, but in the best possible way. Fantastic Al characterization.

If Only In My Dreams - I don't really go for Christmas stories of the sappier variety, but I found myself really loving this one. Sam and Al deserve a little happiness after all the hell that canon puts them through, and this was really sweet.

King Me - I love the little historical "gotcha!" in this story - exactly the kind of thing the show used to do. :)

You Always Do - A neat glimpse of Sam and Al in the pre-Project days. This made me crave more fic from the time before Sam started leaping and everything went to hell. I love the relaxed dynamic between them.

Being Human (all are gen)

Stray - This is just brilliant - the character voices, the friendship and warmth, the way the emotions in the story are skirted around rather than being at all blatant and yet are very much there. (And I would practically lay odds that this story was written by someone in SGA fandom; I can't quite put my finger on who, but the style is not only familiar but, for lack of a better way to put it, it's very much the style that you typically get in SGA slash, though this story is gen ... or OT3-ish depending on how you look at it.)

Rule of Three - A really cool twist on the Being Human universe: three fairy tales starring various subsets of our intrepid heroes/heroines.

Paranormal Pressures - Sweet slice-of-supernatural-life with the housemates; slightly plotless but very fun.

**ADDED** Dresden Files

Love and What Is (gen) - Charity wants something from Harry. I adore Charity (all the Carpenters, really) and the character voices are just perfect, with a particularly dead-on Harry.

Voices in My Head (gen) - Harry and Thomas's first Christmas together (with extra bonus Lasciel). This is much too funny to be sappy, but their dysfunctional little Christmas is very, very them.

These Are the Reasons We Already Know (Michael, Charity) - Wonderful Michael POV; a little snapshot of his life with Charity.

(Edited to add a few Dresden Files recs to the rest.)
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