January 1st, 2021

Winter Sunlight


Yuletide author reveals! My writers were THE SNEAKIEST this year! I did not guess ANYONE (well, except [personal profile] opalmatrix, who clearly knew I would, and I still love it by the way). Anyway, you guys are the sneakiest and best. I loved, loved, loved my gifts. I cannot believe [personal profile] alchemise wrote me TWO things (I didn't even guess one!) and [personal profile] rachelmanija completely fooled me by writing Iron Fist when she was not even on my suspect list.

Meanwhile, I was THE MOST obvious this year.

First, my assignment:

Friday Night Social (Defenders, Jessica + team, 1800 wds)
Jessica wants it known that no part of this was her idea.

I got a lovely request for Jessica + Luke + Danny (and a bit of Matt slipped in as well!). I offered everyone in the Defenders set as usual, but this might be the first year that I've wound up with a request for that particular combo. Early friendships/teamships as they try to figure out how to work together and deal with this whole "friends" thing.

And the treats!

Shore Leave (Alliance-Union, Meg & Sal, 1200 wds)
The last time Meg was on Mariner Station, it had been a different place.

I started writing this as a fill for a lingering pinch hit (I'll often write part of a pinch hit before claiming it, just to make sure the words are coming), but someone else nabbed it first, so I went ahead and finished it as a treat.

Holiday Style (Iron Fist, Ward & Colleen, 4300 wds)
"Okay, so for the record," Ward said, as shoppers jostled them, "you're having me help you pick out a gift for your boyfriend. Me."
If looks could kill, Colleen's glare should have pinned him, quivering, to the sidewalk.

Ward and Colleen go Christmas shopping. It goes about as well as their plans ever do.

Muscle Memory (Iron Fist, Danny & Ward, 2500 wds)
Danny learns to use Orson Randall's guns. Ward gets to play teacher for once.

There was a request for road trip fic, so how could I not write that?

Thank you so much to all my lovely commenters and the people who recced things! I will try to respond properly over the next few days. And also look to see who wrote what and try to get some reading done! This entry is also posted at https://sholio.dreamwidth.org/1362451.html with comment count unavailable comments.
Winter Sunlight

Almost-Thursday recs (not Yuletide)

By the way, Chocolate Box signups are open!

Over the last month or so, I've racked up a collection of things to rec and keep not posting them, so since I'm not sleepy yet and it's still almost Thursday, I'll collect a few of those here. Also, so it doesn't get buried since I've posted a bunch of stuff lately, don't miss my Yuletide reveals post and also end-of-year fics. I post nothing for ages and then drop a bunch of fic on people, it's how I roll ...

Recs - The Expanse

Six vids! The first two, I'm fairly sure, have seasons 1-2 footage only, and the top one is not really spoilery at all. The rest are spoilery as hell for seasons 3-4.

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Recs - Torchwood

10 recent fics! All are season 1-2 era team, i.e. the Owen & Tosh-enabled team.

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