August 4th, 2020

Winter Sunlight

Eat Drink & Make Merry (4 fics)

*surfaces from Novel Edit Purgatory* I wrote four things for Eat Drink & Make Merry! And I completely forgot to link to my gifts, so I'll do a proper rec thread for those and other nice things; there was lots of great stuff. (Seriously, the entire Torchwood section was fab.)


Things I wrote:

Turn, Return (Iron Fist, 4600 wds, Danny & Ward & Colleen)
You can't ever go back where you started from. But maybe you don't have to; maybe nostalgia isn't all it's cracked up to be. Set between seasons.

Pretty solidly on brand for me. I've written comparatively little about the rebuilding period between seasons, so I decided to focus on that this time.


Mary Celeste (Torchwood, 9000 wds, Owen-centric team genfic)
The team finds a crashed alien spaceship, and Owen gets a second chance. Of sorts.

[personal profile] rachelmanija had the best and most inspiring suggestions for various ways that Owen could get a chance to eat and drink without technically being "fixed." Basically I solicited ideas via email and then sneakily wrote them. Also, I do enjoy writing (and reading) about modern-day Earth dorks getting to play with alien tech.


The Cartography of Feeling (Torchwood, 20K, Owen & Ianto)
"We're sodding gladiators," Owen said. "Fuck this entire day and Jack Harkness too."
(Or: Owen and Ianto are abducted by aliens and forced to arena-fight. But the worst part might be the control device that connects them in an emotion and pain-sharing bond.)

I cannot BELIEVE I've never written a fic with either pain/emotion sharing OR characters being forced to arena-fight, but, well ... now I have. And had a fantastic time doing it.


Chocolate Bittersweet (Torchwood, 1600 wds, Gwen/Suzie)
In a little tourist town on the Norway coast, Suzie steals a box of chocolates.

I had never considered this pairing, since these characters never really got a chance to interact while they were both properly alive, and the main interaction they did have was Suzie trying to steal Gwen's life force. On the other hand, ships have been built on less, and they do lend themselves to a really interesting messed-up codependence dynamic. It looked like the recip really likes fucked-up femslash (I triple-checked their requests to make sure I wasn't going too dark for them!) and really enjoyed exploring this little corner of a canon divergence AU. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.