June 21st, 2020

Winter Sunlight

SSRC is revealed!

SSR Confidential 2020 creators are revealed!

I wrote two things this year:

True Blue (Peggy & Jack & Daniel, post-canon, 5300 wds)
Jack's been given a truth drug, and someone's got to look after him.

Jack is drugged and out of it, and trying not to let anything slip about Okinawa to Daniel, with less than perfect success.

Better than Burnt Eggs (Peggy & Jack, 800 wds)
Jack has a few unexpected hidden talents.

In which Jack and Peggy run into each other in the kitchen of Howard's place, and make omelets.

And that's the 2020 exchange finished! I'll be back to run it again in 2021. This entry is also posted at https://sholio.dreamwidth.org/1334845.html with comment count unavailable comments.