June 19th, 2020

Winter Sunlight

Equalityauction bidding is open!

[community profile] equalityauction is now open for bidding! Winning bids will be donated to a charity of the bidder's choice.

My auction offer is here. I am offering one fanfic of 1000+ words (likely to be much longer based on how I write, but only the 1K is guaranteed). I'm offering any fandom I've written in the last 3 years - see my AO3 page here, with the possibility of writing older fandoms if you query first to make sure it's something I can do, and any pairing aside from the disallowed types at my auction listing (basically won't do incest, aside from any I've written before, or adult/underage pairings). See all details at the auction listing link, and comment to bid; I've set my minimum bid at $30.

See all auction offers here and Buy-It-Now offers here.

ETA: Also, this is such a good idea I wish I'd thought of it and I'm noting this for my own reference for future events - this creator is offering a week of ficlets. If you bid on me and would prefer to have that instead of a single fic, I will happily do it! This entry is also posted at https://sholio.dreamwidth.org/1334451.html with comment count unavailable comments.