June 16th, 2020

Winter Sunlight

Fandom links 'n' things

[community profile] equalityauction is currently taking creator signups. This is a fandom charity event in the style of Fandom Trumps Hate, etc, to raise money because Black Lives Matter. See rules here, including a non-inclusive list of nonprofits where winning bids may be donated.

[personal profile] goss is inviting BIPOC fans (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) to take this one-click poll:
I'm curious about how many of us are out here still, whether actively posting on DW or simply lurking. Maybe you are wondering too! So I am putting up this poll, in the hopes of reaching out to and connecting with as many BIPOC fans here on DW as possible.

[community profile] fandomgiftbox, a summer event styled after the apparently-no-longer-with-us Fandom Stocking, is taking signups for gift boxes until June 21. Signup post here.

[community profile] recthething is a new comm for reccing fanworks! All media, fandoms, ships, and kinks are welcome. You can post recs in the comm or link to recs elsewhere, including older rec posts.

[personal profile] wingficex (Wingfic Exchange) is a short-duration exchange - longer than a typical flash exchange, shorter than a traditional exchange - currently taking tag nominations.

[community profile] auexchange (AU Exchange) officially opens for nominations on the 19th, but rumor has it that you might be able to slip some tags in early. Tag formatting is fairly specific in this exchange, so here is the rules post to read before nominating.

Already mentioned earlier, but H/C Bingo is open for signups in case you want a card! This entry is also posted at https://sholio.dreamwidth.org/1333424.html with comment count unavailable comments.
Winter Sunlight

Torchwood recs part 2 (plus some vids)

Part One is here.

Expect several more of these posts; I've been reading a lot of Torchwood and bookmarking a bunch of it to rec, but never actually writing up any recs posts. So here's a smattering of not especially themed recs. Pretty much everything is season 1 & 2.

Torchwood fic

Snowdon by [archiveofourown.org profile] rivier
In the aftermath of season one's finale, Ianto tries to walk away, and Owen goes after him. Really lovely, detail-rich relationship-building; the fic is tagged Ianto/Owen but it's really more gen friendship with a lightly flirty vibe. I didn't realize 'til reading the author's notes that this was actually written just after season one, because the author does a fantastic job of anticipating the softer, more caring Owen from season two.

Does Africa Know A Song Of Me? by [archiveofourown.org profile] etmuse
Epistolary fic told in the form of letters exchanged between the team while Jack and Ianto are on location investigating alien shenanigans in Namibia. Set around mid-season-two but very slightly AU. Really fun banter and character interactions, with snark and friendship and a touch of h/c. Also, Martha. <3

Dancing in the Midnight Garden by [archiveofourown.org profile] Fionn_Sgeul
This is a really unusual and well-written AU of the first episode of season one, in which Gwen is actually an immortal being pretending to be human. I'm generally not fond of season rewrites that retread the plot of canon, so I loved this because it's not that; it's much more like an original episode than a do-over of 1x01, with a completely different plot, and Gwen is also a very different character, recognizably Gwen-like but also believably enigmatic and inhuman. It's full of clever and fun details, and different-from-canon interactions between the team and Gwen. This is the start of a series, and I'm looking forward to reading the rest.

Aftermath and In Between Days by [archiveofourown.org profile] Squash
These are two really lovely Owen-Ianto friendship fics, the first a series of emotionally hurt/comforty aftermath scenes from episodes from Cyberwoman through the end of season two; the second is a series of snippets after Owen's death. Both involve his canonical perma-death, so they're somewhat heartrending, but full of lovely relationship-building details as the two of them slowly evolve from prickly co-workers to close friends.

In general, I recommend checking out the rest of Squash's Torchwood fic if you like Owen-centric fic, and Owen & Ianto friendship; they really like writing both of these things. There is a caveat, however, which is that this author also doesn't shy away from dark and depressing subject matter, and some of it (though not, imho, the above-recced stories) is bleak.

Other fic of theirs I particularly liked: Hang On To The Thought Of Me (Ianto tells Maggie - the suicidal woman from "A Day in the Death" - about Owen's death post-2x13) and So We Wonder What Peace Of Mind Could Be Like (Owen & Ianto huddling for warmth). Their longest fic, In Losing What I Am, I Become Who We Are is plotty horror, very well written, with good team moments and probably THE MOST depressing ending I have ever read in any fanfic ever; "rocks fall, everyone dies" would have been positively cheery compared to what actually happens.

Beggars would ride and Mistaken for Home by [archiveofourown.org profile] Amand_r
Two gently sweet, well written, and ultimately heartbreaking team fics taking place from early season one to after the character deaths in season two, the first about a "birthday machine" that celebrates the team members' birthdays (and gets increasingly wrenching over time) and the second about an afghan that Gwen brings into the Hub when she's first hired.

I also generally recommend looking through the rest of Amand_r's Torchwood fic, though it is highly diverse in subject matter (they write a bunch of pairings and kinks), but there is a lot of it featuring a wide variety of different characters.

Vids, general

Human or Dancer by LilMissLola (Torchwood, Owen character study; link goes to Youtube)
This is from 2009 and the quality isn't that great, but it so completely hits the notes that I want from a vid study of Owen's post-undeath afterlife. I particularly love the way that his relationships with his teammates are showcased in this.

Burn Burn Burn by [archiveofourown.org profile] BeatriceEagle (A:TLA, Zuko character study; AO3 link)
A lovely Zuko character study to a really beautiful female-vocalist cover of the Johnny Cash song "Ring of Fire."

We Didn't Start the Fire by [personal profile] beccatoria (A:TLA & Legend of Korra, DW link)
A fun, fast-paced vid with clips from both shows. This entry is also posted at https://sholio.dreamwidth.org/1333723.html with comment count unavailable comments.