June 15th, 2020

Winter Sunlight

SSRC and H/C Bingo

SSR Confidential 2020 is open for browsing! This year we have 21 new stories and art for your enjoyment!

And I must rec my gift because it is WONDERFUL!

Risks and Consequences (Peggy/Jack/Daniel, 3900 words)
Warm and lovely getting-together sex pollen aftermath. Perfect character voices and period feel, and just generally perfect everything. <3

In other news, it's H/C bingo season, and I really love my card! You can get one here.

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Winter Sunlight

H/C bingo card - now more nicely formatted

Prettied up because I'm slightly anal that way.

Feel free to comment with any squares you like in particular and/or suggestions you have for any of my fandoms that might work nicely with a particular square! Fandoms I'm actively writing right now include Iron Fist (and Defendersverse generally), Torchwood, and Agent Carter, plus I'm still side-dabbling in the non-Avengers areas of the MCU and also Stranger Things.

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