June 3rd, 2020

Winter Sunlight

Hurt/Comfort Exchange

So I ended up writing a lot for this (about 50K). Mostly pretty obvious, I feel. But not entirely.

Stranger Things

as the war machine keeps turning (Billy & Max + a little of the others, gen, 10K words)
It's one day after the end of the world, and Max is on the world's worst road trip.

I picked this up as a pinch hit because season 3 left me craving a Max & Billy reconciliation, and the recip's apocalypse prompts gave me one of the few scenarios in which I could really imagine it happening. This is kind of Stephen King-ish and was hella fun to write.

The Punisher

Nature Red in Tooth and Claw (David & Frank & Sarah, gen + David/Sarah, 22K words)
Six months after David had his last sight of Frank being dragged off by Billy Russo's goons, he finds Frank again in an underground fight club.

My actual assignment. My notes say "3K of werewolf Frank." Hahahahaaaaaa. *sob* This goes AU in the next-to-last episode of season one.

Iron Fist

But Never Broken (Danny & Ward + Colleen, gen, 9K words)
Ward managed to talk Danny into coming to the Rand annual anniversary gala, but even from beyond the grave, Harold is still finding ways to screw their lives up. Set between seasons.

A treat that got slightly out of control for the prompt "sick/hurt at formal social event." [personal profile] rachelmanija gave me the brilliant idea of Harold managing to poison Ward from beyond the grave.

All You Have (Danny/Ward, 3700 words)
In which Ward is sick, and Danny and Ward take obliviousness to new heights while stuck in the middle of nowhere.

I think this might be my first time writing Danny/Ward outright.


Flying High (Hellburner crew, canon pairings, 4200 words)
Updating the team's flight tapes means drugs. No one is happy about this.

Another pinch hit, which I decided to jump on after getting some of my other assignments squared away, because I always love writing the Hellburner crew and this gave me an opportunity to write Ben doing what [personal profile] chomiji so accurately describes as his Sanity Anchor thing.

Agent Carter

Collapse (Peggy & Jack & Daniel, gen, 2100 words)
Post-shooting, Jack overworks himself.

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