February 14th, 2020

Winter Sunlight

Chocolate Box!

I hope everyone is enjoying some chocolate today. And Chocolate Box is revealed!

I got THREE amazing gifts and I completely adore all of them: two Captain Marvel, one Wiseguy, all fantastic.

don't nod and dream (Captain Marvel, Carol/Yon-Rogg, 2700 wds)
“You kidnapped me,” Yon-Rogg said. He couldn’t quite keep it from being a question.
(Or, four times Carol was there when Yon-Rogg fell asleep, and one time she was there when he woke up.)

Torture aftermath! Cautious falling into friendship/love! MY FEELS. So much happens in this fic that I can't believe it's only 2700 words. I also think there is nothing better than Yon-Rogg, Accidental Skrull Freedom Fighter, except of course for ...

Happening Everywhere (Captain Marvel, Carol/Yon-Rogg, 2K words)
He didn’t even know that she was still alive.

... FARMER YON-ROGG. This post-IW fic is more sharp-edged than the previous fic, and beautifully characterized, with a lovely/achey rebuilding theme and a kind of redemption arc I haven't seen for him before.

My Wiseguy fic is also wonderful!

The Easy Way (Wiseguy, Vinnie & Frank, 1K words)
After mobsters attempt to interrogate Frank by forcibly injecting him with heroin, Vinnie helps him through withdrawal.

A classic 80s h/c plot for a classic 80s show, flawlessly executed. ♥

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Winter Sunlight

RIP my hard drive space

\o/ Netflix and/or Marvel FINALLY got their act together, and iTunes has all the latest Defenders shows! Including both seasons of Iron Fist and Punisher, and Defenders itself. (Most of this has been impossible to buy on DVD; there just wasn't a release for it.) The only one they don't have of the various ones I checked was JJ3, but since they have everything else, I'm sure it'll show up eventually. The last time I looked, the only thing you could buy was the first seasons of at least the first few shows, but they didn't even have the later ones, like Punisher.

I have been increasingly nervous about these shows vanishing from the internet entirely when Marvel's contract with Netflix runs out, and I also wanted good quality episodes for vidding. YAY!

(And, okay, DRM still makes it a bit uncertain, but so far I've never had issues with iTunes pulling rights to something I've purchased. Fingers crossed.)

Other things:

- Tag nominations are open for [community profile] hurtcomfortex! Nominate ALL the tags!
- Multifandom friendship promptfest for Valentines!

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Winter Sunlight

Creative brain in overdrive

Earlier today [personal profile] sheron plotbunnied me with the idea of an Iron Fist season 1 AU in which Ward creates a masked vigilante persona as a way of getting some time away from his dad without being watched all the time, and he meets Danny and Colleen and possibly saves their lives and/or becomes friends with them as this other persona. As Sheron pointed out, Ward is really fixated on Following The Rules, so it actually makes a lot of sense for him to create this alternate persona who isn't weighed down with all the same baggage as Ward normally is - Harold has one set of rules, but his alternate identity has other rules and it's sort of like, as Sheron said, Ward's version of "This is who I could have been if i had been a good person." Cue identity porn and mutual lifesaving and Danny and Colleen having no idea that their helpful new friend is actually ALSO Harold's #1 henchman who has tried to kill Danny multiple times! And Ward is being torn in two, because ... RULES! (Plus, jealousy and conflicted feelings about Danny. Etc.) But also, Danny and Colleen are his friends! AAAAAA!

.... I may have already written 2K of this. >__>

Meanwhile, with [community profile] hurtcomfortex happening again, it's time for my favorite freeform tag game, as described last year, in which the juxtaposition of tags/arrows on the HurtComfortEx tagset suggests that one tag leads to a second tag as a logical consequence. Sometimes these suggest a plausible story that I might like to write!

Both Captured - Forced to Work Together to Escape → Character insists on completing mission despite injuries

Some aren't so much my thing, but at least could be a plausible story.

Comforter Has Dubious Motivations → Delirious character asking for the one they're pining for

And sometimes ... UM.

Rollerskating injury → Subdrop

The tag juxtapositions keep changing as new ones are added, so there are new delightful combinations every time the tagset is updated.

The tagset game is also what led to [personal profile] telophase's hurt/comfort generator last year.

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