February 12th, 2020

Winter Sunlight

And speaking of ...

That exchange I was talking about, [community profile] defenderships - I've finally admitted to myself that I can't run it this spring. I DO still want to run it! Just ... not right now. It's not specifically a time issue; it's more of an organizational and mental space issue. I could participate in an exchange run by someone else, but I don't think I can handle the extra load of organizing/promoting/modding at the moment, not with everything else I'm trying to do and SSR Confidential too.

It IS something I wanted to do! And it was something I really wanted to do while enthusiasm was still high in the immediate post-cancellation period, before people wander on. On the other hand, a) I think that ship has sailed anyway, and b) Agent Carter is holding steady - I've generally had about the same number of signups in SSR Confidential for several years now, so I'm sure the people who are staying will stay, and interest will still be there when I manage to get myself together and actually do it! And right now I'm having to triage projects and work out what I can do and what I can't. Deciding not to do it was a load off my mind, so I feel that's the right decision.

At least I decided this before I actually opened up anything? Sorry for getting people's hopes up! I still plan to run an event of that sort, but I'm under a major mental workload right now getting my new pen name off the ground, and that was just Too Much.

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