February 5th, 2020

Winter Sunlight

The Magician King (Magicians book 2)

I continue to lovelovelove these books. There are still things I do not love. But mostly I love. This is one of those series that you can just sink into. Please, no spoilers in comments for book 3 or the ending of the series! (I really do appreciate the enthusiasm in the comments last time! I just, you know ... want to be able to read them.)

If anyone wants content notes for these books, let me know. There is some seriously triggery stuff in these, and some aspects I know a lot of people following me would probably bounce off of.

I think at this point the books are reminding me, more than anything else, of the Dark Tower series. It's not anything specific - they're very very different in nearly all specific ways. But it's a similar sort of "take all your formative influences and put them in a blender and make them your own" kind of mashup, where Dark Tower is what you get when your formative influences are Clint Eastwood movies and horror and epic fantasy, and Magicians is what you end up with when you're coming from a background of Harry Potter and Narnia and D&D and mythology.

Anyway, spoilers follow.

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I have also read the first chapter or so of The Magician's Land (book 3).

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