October 28th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Day 27: Ransom

Requested by [personal profile] st_aurafina with Frank & Leo (post-apocalyptic or regular universe). I went post-apocalyptic; this is in the same universe as Math and Poetry and Gunmanship. It's also long enough that it probably could go on AO3 but it doesn't feel quite complete enough for it. Takes place at some point after (but not all that far after) the end of the other fic, maybe a few weeks later.


"Huh," the bandit leader murmured, climbing down off his bike. "Looks like he came."

Leo squinted against the dust and the glare of the setting sun. She didn't have a good view; she was gagged, hands tied, and the only thing keeping her from falling off the back of the bike they'd set her on was the fact that she was tied to it. She couldn't even wipe the dust out of her eyes; all she could do was blink, and by now it must look like she'd been crying.

She wasn't. She hadn't cried at all. Frank needed to know that.

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