October 13th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Wiseguy creator interview

[personal profile] alessandriana found this fantastic interview with Stephen J. Cannell, creator/showrunner for Wiseguy (as well as a ton of other action shows in the '80s). For those who are watching along, there are some brief clips from future storylines, but nothing spoilery beyond some fairly major spoilers for the Steelgrave arc.

He talks about how he was turned down by network after network when he pitched a show that would unfold its storylines as a mini-movie over several episodes, until finally CBS went for it. Other highlights include talking about how he cast all the principle actors and what he was looking for in that role. (One thing I found particularly of note was that he specifically wanted a disabled actor for Lifeguard rather than putting an able-bodied actor in a wheelchair. I really like how this show handles disability and it's interesting to find out that it comes down from the TPTB level rather than being something the actor pushed for.) Another interesting tidbit is that this was Jonathan Banks' first time playing a good-guy role rather than a villain. And as [personal profile] alessandriana pointed out, Cannell repeatedly uses the word "seduced" for Vinnie's attraction to the dark side, including Steelgrave - shippers take note. ;D

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Winter Sunlight

Day 12: Don't Move

Requested by [personal profile] maplemood for Frank and Amy. Sorry some of these are so short! I do have a couple of longer Punisher ones coming later in the month. ♥


"So is this just my life now, or what," Amy mutters as she struggles with the needle, trying to get the long, jagged cut on Frank's back stitched up so it won't open up and start bleeding all over the place again. TV makes this look so easy, just like darning a sock. Unfortunately she's terrible at darning socks (okay, she's never even tried; she kind of vaguely knows that it's a thing, but she's terrible at all other forms of domestic handicrafts so it stands to reason she'd be terrible at it). And TV definitely didn't prepare her for the tug of a needle in flesh, or the blood making her hands slippery.

"Hey, look on the bright side," Frank says, and looks at her over his shoulder, grinning tightly. "At least it's not my ass this time."

"Shut up and don't move, or you're going to look like Frankenstein by the time I'm done."

"Frankenstein was the scientist," Frank says.


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