October 6th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Sunday Six/Sunday snippet

It's so much fun watching people do this both here and on Tumblr, and I actually have something this time because I've written things fanfic-wise in the last couple of weeks that were not anonymous exchange fic and therefore don't have to be kept secret.

This is a bit of one of the future Whumptober prompt fics. The prompt is "Shackles", the request was for Iron Fist, and I'm doing the good ol' handcuffed together.


"Just ... hang on, I've almost got it ... I think ..."

"No you don't," Ward said between chattering teeth. "No you don't, because there is no way those monks taught you to pick locks. Did they even have locks?"

"I've seen it on TV," Danny mumbled distractedly.

"-- oh great, that improves my confidence immeasurably, but anyway, even if you do know lock-fu, there's no way you can pick a lock one-handed. In the dark. In the rain. With a rusty nail."

He had more to say, plenty more, but just then there was a small screech of metal on metal, and a muttered, "Oops," from Danny, and then no more jerking and tugging at the cuff joining them together.

"Dropped your nail, huh?" Ward said with all the sarcasm he could muster, which by this point was a lot. He would have smacked Danny across the head if he'd been able to use his other arm. Unfortunately he had just one functional arm at this point, and it was the one that was shackled to Danny.

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Winter Sunlight

Day 6: Dragged Away

Today's prompt is "dragged away", and Wren on Discord requested Danny & Ward.

The entire category of "worst moments of Ward's life" is the kind of thing where ... it's not just that he has trouble figuring out the top one; there's extremely stiff competition for the top twenty.

But this is definitely going to be one of them -- Danny being dragged out of the room where they're being held, by people who clearly have every intention of torturing the Iron Fist out of him.

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