October 2nd, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Yuletide nominations are open!

OH NO it's the first seasonal use of my yuletide tag; we must really be in fall now. >_>

Relevant links:

Tagset for nominations
Nomination instructions
Nomination coordination post (unofficial)
Nomination coordination spreadsheet (unofficial)

You get three nominations and up to four characters for each. Thus far, I've nominated:
• Iron Fist (Danny, Ward, Colleen, Joy)
• Matthew Scudder series (Matt, Elaine, TJ, Mick)

I don't know what to use my last nomination for. I really want the Heavy Time/Hellburner characters in, but I'm also holding off for a bit in case something more obscure comes along and grabs me by the neck. Also, there are several other eligible things I want in too, Dark Matter and the other Defenders shows among them. Aside from the above bulleted ones, I haven't finalized what this year's requests will consist of yet; I kinda want to have another super-obscure canon in among the ones I've requested or offered in other exchanges in the last couple of years.

What about you? For those of you doing Yuletide this year - have you done nominations yet? What do you plan to request/offer?

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Winter Sunlight

Day 2: Explosion

Nobody claimed Day 2, so I decided to make it a Whatever I Want day. Today's prompt is Explosion.


The shock wave threw Colleen off her feet, knocking her to the ground. By the time she picked herself up, the entire building was falling inward, crumbling in a wave of heat and noise.

"Danny!" she screamed, throwing an arm across her face against the heat and light. She stumbled forward, only to be brought up short by someone grabbing her jacket, dragging her backwards.

"Colleen --" and that was as far as Ward got before she broke his grip and nearly broke his thumbs along with it.

Collapse )

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