September 23rd, 2019

Winter Sunlight

"I was just yelling at my ... mother's urn!"

I rewatched Megamind while working on comic pages tonight and I still just love that movie so much. I know it's not perfect, but nothing is, and I keep forgetting it was made almost a decade ago. The animation holds up well, the music's great, and aside from the fact that I think we all know I'm a sucker from a redemption arc, I tend to forget just how good the movie's twists are. You can obviously see the general direction that it's going from a mile away, but a lot of the smaller twists along the way are just genuinely really well done and surprising.

Also, I absolutely love Collapse )

I just ... really like this movie, and I always forget how much I like it when I haven't watched it in awhile. I like the way it deals with romance, and heroism, and potential and self-determinism. I appreciate that it doesn't end up on either extreme of "how people treat us determines what we become" or "you can be absolutely anything you want to be" but instead ends up in an interesting middle ground where it's actually a little of both.

... plus, I can't think of any other media I've seen, certainly no other kids' movie, that not only shows that thing where someone who's kind of socially sheltered/isolated tends to pronounce words phonetically because they've never actually heard other people say them, but does it in a sympathetic way.

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