September 19th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Reccing Thursday

Look, I made it this week! \o/

Not a fanwork per se, but [personal profile] naye is hosting a lovely conversation about comfort tropes that is highly relevant to my interests. ♥ (I assume it's okay to link to it since it's unlocked? Please let me know if you want the link taken down!)

I also read a wonderful Agent Carter fic this week:

on the home front by [ profile] oh_simone/[personal profile] chouette
Jack takes Peggy home as his fake girlfriend for Thanksgiving. Funny and sweet and adorable with great OCs, mostly gen with some Peggy/Daniel and hints of pre-OT3.

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Winter Sunlight

So apparently I have a new hobby

Back when I was in anime fandom (lo these many years ago) I was kinda into buying action figures. I lost interest for a long while, except for occasionally buying one that I just couldn't say no to (like the Misty one which you'll see below). But I got back into it in a major way with the Defenders ones. I couldn't help myself. THEY'RE SO CUTE. ♥ At this point I have all of the main characters except for Matt. I'm holding out for one with his mask off; there are several different Daredevils, but the only one that shows his face is a limited-edition Comicon one that's expensive and I don't really like it; I want one where he's in street clothes, not the Daredevil costume. (This is the Matt one and believe me, it's the best of a generally terrible bunch.)

But I have the other three in their Netflix versions, and have also picked up a Netflix Claire and Colleen, as well as the comic Misty that I already had since I'm a fan of hers (and this particular subset of the comics in general) from way back in the 80s. There is no TV Misty action figure (yet?).

And, uh. Then I decided I needed accessories for them. I am just at the beginning of this slippery slope but I'm starting to be able to see that it's a loooonng slippery slope and at the bottom is me turning into the dollhouse equivalent of a cat lady, with each dollhouses full of superheroes.

But at the moment I'm having a great time picking out furniture on Amazon and Ebay, and [personal profile] rachelmanija made me some custom accessories out of Fimo clay when she was here, and they are AMAZING.

See all the adorableness under the cut!

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