September 17th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Fic I wrote for AU Exchange (and other recent exchanges)

I love AU-Ex. It's one of my favorites of the seasonal exchange cycle. I wrote:

Math and Poetry and Gunmanship (Punisher, 6100 words, Frank & Leo)
Basically True Grit with Frank and Leo in a post-apocalyptic wilderness. Leo hires Frank to help her find her missing parents; they each learn a little from each other.

Runaways (Iron Fist, 5300 wds, mostly Danny & Ward with some Joy)
For a request for an ageswap AU in which Danny is the oldest of the Rand-Meachum kids. It's actually kind of amazing how much this changes, once I started thinking through how the characters' personalities interact with birth order and parental expectation; Danny is more responsible, Ward is brattier, and all in all it's just a really fascinating dynamic to play with.

Only as Old as You Feel (Stranger Things, 1500 wds, mostly Robin & Nancy + the ensemble)
For the requested tag (nominated by me) "Weird Adventures While Living Together In A Retirement Home AU". Instead of Hawkins the town, it's Hawkins Care Home, in which residents mysteriously go missing and geriatric sleuth Nancy is dragging her reluctant roommate Robin along to find out why.

A Zailor in the Making (Guardians of the Galaxy/Fallen London, 2100 words, Peter + team)
For a request for a Fallen London/GotG fusion. In which Peter has landed himself in disgraced exile in the Tomb-Colonies, because of course he has, but don't worry, Zee-Captain Gamora is here to, er, not rescue him. Probably.

And for other recent exchanges:

The Old Ones Wait (Doctor Strange with references to several other fandoms, 2200 wds)
Treat written for Jump Scare, for the requested tag "Unusually high death rate in peaceful English village caused by eldritch monstrosity", because I couldn't help myself.

Dragon's Daughter (Iron Fist, 2000 words, Danny & Davos)
A pinch hit for Rule 63 Exchange, in which Danny is Danielle, and it changes everything and nothing.

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Winter Sunlight

Oh right, forgot one

See previous post for a linked list of early-September fic. But I also wrote a pinch hit for the DD/Defenders exchange on Tumblr:

Roommate Blues (Punisher, 9700 wds, outside POV - OFC + Amy + Frank)
Post-S2. Amy's roommate thinks Amy is a bit weird, but pretty boring and ordinary ... until Amy brings home an injured mystery man.

I mean, it probably says a lot about how many exchanges I signed up for this summer that I keep completely forgetting that I wrote things.

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Winter Sunlight

And also this!

I got an absolutely ADORABLE Iron Fist fic in Kidfic Exchange:

when I was an astronaut - in which Danny and Colleen are accidentally kid-ified by magic gone wrong, and there is also a baby dragon and (not baby) ninjas, a light Misty/Ward pairing, and Luke being extremely WTF about it all. It's completely darling without being cloying, and everything I hoped for from this exchange. <3

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Winter Sunlight

Any excuse to use my seasonal Halloween icons

Trick or Treat Exchange signups close tomorrow just before midnight UTC, in case you were considering a last-minute signup. Femslash Ex is also taking signups 'til the 25th.

I kinda burned out on exchanges a little bit this summer, but I'm enjoying my laid-back exchange schedule right now. I have one for Unconventional Fanworks, I'm doing ToT, and I have a no-pressure signup with Spook_Me. (Ooh, prompts for that are due out tomorrow!) The only other thing I'm doing this year -- unless I end up joining and/or running one of the single-fandom secret santas -- is Yuletide, for which I plan to request mainly small book fandoms (Matt Scudder will definitely be one of them; probably Alliance-Union as well).

I've been doing so many small exchanges over the summer that it's kind of exciting being in a big one and seeing so many requests for my fandoms. There are EIGHT(!!) for Defenders this time! I miiiiight be coming around on lumping the different shows together. It makes requesting it more complicated, since it's usually multiple sets of characters that I want, but it give it a stronger presence in exchanges than splitting it into separate shows; I also think it makes it more appealing for people who are into it in a more casual way to request it, especially in a character-based event like ToT, since they can just throw their faves in there ....

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