September 3rd, 2019

Winter Sunlight

State of the everything

We're at least a week ahead of where autumn would normally be - the fall colors already look like mid-September. This is the view out of the window of my office (technically the spare bedroom) right now:

yellow aspens and blue sky

I get to have a [personal profile] rachelmanija next week, and I'm crossing my fingers we don't get a fall windstorm so all this brilliant gold will still be there for her to enjoy!

I drove about 15 miles up the Elliot Highway yesterday evening (otherwise known as the Haul Road, it's the trucker road that eventually, in 500 miles or so, ends at the Prudhoe Bay oilfields) and took some more pictures, which are posted on Facebook. They're not locked, but you might need an FB account to view them. Because Facebook.


The Jump Scare Exchange is a flash exchange taking simultaneous signups/nominations right now. (AO3 collection | tagset; signups end on the 4th, and the writing period is through the weekend.) I was going to do this, at least partly because one of the freeform tags is "Character Comes Back A Little More Wrong Every Time They Return From The Dead" and c'mon, this is actual canon in the Defendersverse, but I've changed my mind and decided to sit it out; I'd rather work on treats for AU-Ex and Fandom Giftbox. But if you feel like writing some quick Halloween/horror fic, it's there for you!

I also decided not to do the Netflix Originals exchange (signups now closed) and am skipping Multifandom Tropefest (signups thru the 7th), essentially for the same reason: nobody is really asking for or offering any of my fandoms, so rather than Being The Change I think I'll just focus my attention on other projects. I mean, it's not like I'm dropping out of the exchange-o-system entirely, or suffer from any particular lack of things to write.

As well as being signed up for Unconventional Fanworks, I am currently participating in the purple round of the Writing Rainbow flash exchanges, and plan to sign up for:

Marvel Femslash Drabble Exchange (signups open on the 8th). It's only 100 words!
[community profile] trickortreatex (they're taking nominations now; signups open on the 11th)
[personal profile] spook_me despite my abysmal record of actually finishing things for that. And I had a good monster last year, too! Maybe this year I'll requests ghosts and write that fic I've been kicking around in which Harold's ghost torments Ward and he doesn't know if he's hallucinating or not.
• Yuletide, probably with mostly rare book fandoms (totally asking for Matt Scudder fic)

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