August 15th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Thursday recs: A few fics in different fandoms

Slipping in under the wire here with a few things I've read lately that I liked! And also, [profile] scioscribe wrote my glorious Just Married gift fic and it is still excellent.

Heavy is the Head by [ profile] glorious_spoon (Agent Carter, 2500 words)
Season 1-era Dooley POV on the trio. Really fun.

Blue Square by [ profile] primeideal (Stranger Things, 1K words, Steve & Robin)
This was written in a tag-based exchange for the tag "Two Characters Who Don't Like Each Other Grudgingly Share A Ski Lift", and it delivers gloriously on that premise, as well as nailing the show's fun weirdness.

don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo by [ profile] firstaudrina (Stranger Things, 1300 wds)
Post-S3 Max & El friendship. Really sweet.

Hallway Light by [ profile] snickfic (Captain Marvel, 1100 wds)
Pre-movie Carol & Yon-Rogg backstory, with a great glimpse of Hala and a perfect balance of genuine camaraderie and underlying creepiness.

I can't see any reason not to turn these posts into an open reccing thread, so tell me about anything you've found lately that's good!

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Winter Sunlight

For my own info as well as others' ...

I put myself in for Merry Belated Treatmas, in which you link to your requests for past exchanges in case anyone wants to write you treats. <3 I picked this year's Chocolate Box letter and HurtComfortEx letter; those seemed like good ones. Like with Fandom Stocking and Fandom Giftbox, there's no reciprocal requirement to write anything; there's also no guarantee you'll receive anything.

Things I am considering signing up for:

- Netflix Originals Exchange - taking both nominations & signups 'til Aug. 31.

- Multifandom Tropefest, taking nominations 'til the 24th; signups open on the 28th.

- Jump Scare Exchange, a Halloween flash exchange in early September.

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