July 27th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

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So I've been looking through the props auction for the Marvel Netflix shows just for fun (*sob*) -- it's here if you also want to rubberneck -- and I have made the delightful discovery that THIS is how they do the light-up effect for the Iron Fist. I mean, the fist itself is clearly CGI, but this is how they get it to glow on everything in its vicinity.

It's an LED handband that can light up in any color. For some reason it just completely delights me that what they're actually doing whenever they're doing the ultra-serious ~iron fist~ thing is that ACTUALLY somebody is wearing one of these LED handbands and staring at their hand. XD

(I love behind-the-scenes stuff.)

Other fun discoveries from the props auction - you can buy a bunch of the prop weapons and other stuff, including Colleen's katana, the flowy dress thing worn by the ninja lady who fought Danny in the first season, Mary Walker's bag of art stuff, and the knife Ward stabbed his dad with.

Also, Danny has amusingly terrible handwriting.

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