July 21st, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Fic posted recently

Not Prime Time reveals were today, and I wrote:

Downbeat (Defenders/Endgame, Misty & Colleen, 1600 wds)
This was for a request for Misty and Colleen at the big fight, and the two of them meeting some of the MCU superhero ladies.

Puppy Love (Stranger Things, gen, 1300 wds)
Steve gets a puppy. Written before S2 came out, so no spoilers.

I also wrote something this week for the "Yarn" challenge at [community profile] fan_flashworks:

Physical Therapy (Defenders, 800 wds)
Claire suggests a novel kind of physical therapy for Misty. Set sometime during the post-Defenders, Luke Cage season 2 time period.

And I've started collecting my short Iron Fist/Defenders ficlets and commentfic - written for various prompts on Tumblr and DW, not long or complete enough to post as standalone stories - into an AO3 collection the way I've been doing for my Agent Carter short fic as well. The Iron Fist one is called The Rand Dossiers (unless I think of a better title) and I've collected them through roughly February so far.

(The Agent Carter one, From the SSR Files, is currently up to 91 chapters and I've decided to cap it at 100 and start a new one.)

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