July 13th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Happy fanfic things

Not Prime Time revealed today, and I got TWO absolutely delightful Iron Fist fics that left me full of warm nice feelings. The exchange gods have smiled upon me. <3

birds of a feather (1100 wds, Ward & Colleen & Danny)
Three scenes with games: Before, during, and after the Snap. Ward and Colleen get closer through playing board games. Bantery and delightful.

more intact (1100 wds, Danny & Ward)
Danny's a little worse for wear. Ward patches him up. Sweet fluffy h/c.

I also wrote two things for this exchange, my assignment and a last-minute treat. Happy hunting. :D

And fics were revealed over at MCU Exchange, in which I wrote two things:

Breakfast in Bed (Agent Carter, 2200 wds, Peggy/Daniel and Peggy/Jack/Daniel)
A series of vignettes of the three of them, in various combinations, bringing each other breakfast.

Tangle (Defenders, 1600 wds, OT4)
Hypothermia and near-drowning and naked cuddling.

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