June 27th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Thursday is for fanworks recs

Back to trying to do this, then! :D I bring you a couple of horrifying yet plausible Umbrella Academy fics:

the violence caused such silence by [archiveofourown.org profile] ElasticElla
A laugh twisted into a sob breaks past her throat, as she tries, “I heard a rumor that you’re alive.” And just like that, he is.

And a follow-up: i think i destroyed them all.

Not graphic horror, but very creepy/disturbing.

Also, I don't quite feel comfortable reccing individual works from SSR Confidential since I'm the mod as well as a participant, but there are 26 new fanworks in the collection this year, and there's lots of great stuff - fic, art, vids, and loads of pairings! (Peggy/Dottie had an unusually strong showing this year, as did Peggy/Steve; there's also some good Peggy/Daniel and OT3 in there, as well as gen and rarepairs.)

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Winter Sunlight

My fandom exchange problem is still out of control

Currently I have:

- 2 finished but unrevealed assignments (Not Prime Time and MCU Exchange)
- 2 pending assignments (Just Married and a pinch hit I picked up for Hetswap, oops)
- 2 exchanges I've signed up for but haven't gotten my assignment yet (Kid Fic Exchange and Multifandom Drabble)
- 1 exchange I plan to sign up for that's opening in the near future (AU Exchange)
- 1 exchange I am co-modding and may or may not write for (King of Exchanges)
- 2 non-exchange-style fests I would like to write for (Fandom Giftbox and FK Ficfest)
- 1 h/c bingo card
- A couple other exchanges/fests I would like to treat, but I mean, at this point, LET'S GET REAL HERE.

Oh, I forgot to link to this, but I'm doing Fandom Giftbox this year, so I have a treat post up! Here is my giftbox if you would like to make me something. If you have any questions about things not specifically requested, you can ask me in comments here; anon commenting is on.

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