June 19th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Fandom things

* The Defenders Prompt Fest is still going on! I left a big pile of new prompts on both posts yesterday, and there have been some new fills added as well.

Main Post | List of Fills | JJ3 spoiler prompt post

Come play! :D

* I seem to be one of the rare people for whom the Good Omens miniseries wasn't particularly to my taste; I mean, I liked it, but there was also a lot of "... this isn't my Good Omens" when I was watching it. However, watching people's delighted reactions and the subsequent giffing/vidding/meta has been really delightful, and I think it's made me like the show better than I did before, seeing it through the lens of people's squee. I like it when that happens.

* I signed up for [personal profile] kidficexchange, but there is a tragic lack of signups so far, and it's going to make people hard to match. Anyone tempted? :D It's for any kind of fic (or art) involving kids: characters' canonical childhoods, characters raising kids, characters getting turned into kids, etc. So if you are, say, squicked by de-aging but would like fic about your faves getting married and having kids, you can easily tailor your signup for that option.

* And I've mentioned this already, but [community profile] kingofexchanges is a new Stephen King exchange, run by [personal profile] rachelmanija, [personal profile] iknowcommawrite, and me. Nominations/signups will open in late July.

UGH I need to write my other assignments! I've currently got open ones for MCU Exchange and Just Married. I did get my Not Prime Time one finished, yay. And then I went and signed up for Multifandomdrabble, the Defenders exchange on Tumblr, and the kidfic one (don't have assignments for any of those yet), and I'm planning to sign up for AU Exchange as well. (I did manage to talk myself out of Rare Pairs and Hetswap, because I had to draw the line somewhere.)

I also haven't managed to read anything at SSR Confidential yet, except my gifts (which were absolutely lovely! ♥). I need to go get some reading in before creator reveals, which are happening on Friday.

It's only 2 weeks (give or take a bit) 'til the new season of Stranger Things comes out. So many of my ongoing shows have been cancelled; I think that and the next season of Umbrella Academy are the only things I'm really looking forward to right now. But I really can't wait to get some new episodes of STh. Please don't kill Steve, show.

... oh, and I'm absolutely loving the "post about all the books you read in June" initiative that [personal profile] rachelmanija has been spearheading! It's been lovely to see so many book posts on my reading page. ♥

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