June 15th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Defenders Prompt Fest - Jessica Jones S3 spoiler prompts


This is the post for all prompts containing spoilers for Jessica Jones season 3!

Fills with spoilers may be left for prompts on the main prompt post (please put "SPOILERS" in the subject line so readers will know). You do not have to warn for spoilers here, since spoilers are assumed in all prompts and fills.

Also, the main post is still open for new prompts as well as fills!

Main Defenders Prompt Post | List of Fills

ETA: I'd like to keep this post for prompts and fills, not a general discussion post for the show. So all comments should be prompts, fills, or direct discussion of the story idea in a prompt (e.g. asking for clarifications, offering encouragement, talking over a plot point). Thank you!

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