June 13th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Whiskey Cavalier

Whiskey Cavalier has been my "light watching while arting" show for the last couple of weeks, and oh man that's a show I have a weird and mixed reaction to. On the one hand, the things I don't like about it, I really don't like about it, including Collapse )

But then the things I liked, I really really liked! The show has a gleeful commitment to doing All The Tropes, often in a very iddy-for-me kind of way, and in just a single 13-episode season, we got Collapse )

It's also a very stylish and pretty show, filmed mostly on location in (mostly Eastern) Europe, so instead of the usual American-TV trope of New York or LA or Vancouver standing in for Bulgaria or Prague or Paris, they're actually in Bulgaria or Prague or Paris, and it gives the show a unique look that's different from typical US TV spy stuff. There are fight scenes set to fun and eclectic music; there's a lot of delightful interpersonal stuff and neat arcs for some of the characters, a very strong team-as-family theme, plus a side romance that I ended up being really delightfully sold on (while being thoroughly annoyed by the main protags' "slap slap kiss kiss" version, at least in the early episodes, though it sold me harder once the show stopped hitting so many tropes I hate, e.g. "one of them has to seduce someone for a mission and the other is jealous about it while their friends give them terrible advice like 'the heart wants what it wants' and not 'it's WORK, you jealous moron'" and just had them be friends).

I can't really figure out if I recommend it because the things I hated, I really hated, but then the things I liked, I really liked. Sadly it is a) cancelled after just one season, and b) has next to no fandom, and what fandom there is, seems to be almost entirely focused on the ship I don't care about. But I'd love to talk about it if anyone else has watched it!

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