June 10th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

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Since there's not a clear winner on the prompt fest spoiler poll, I'm going to do what's easiest for me as a mod, and have a separate post for JJ3 spoiler prompts after the new season airs. I will get the prompt fest post up later this afternoon, after another round of origfic writing (or more accurately, editing) when I'm ready for a break.

Meanwhile, [community profile] hc_bingo is open for new cards already!! :DDDD

I wasn't going to do [personal profile] kidficexchange, it actually wasn't even on my radar 'til a post of [personal profile] dirty_diana's mentioned it, and then I went in and saw all the Danny & Ward deaging prompts and then I realized you could also do deaging in Stranger Things and the Party having to deal with a deaged Steve would be hilarious, and ... um ... I guess I'm doing that one too. >_>

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Winter Sunlight

Defenders Prompt Fest

The new (and last *sob*) Jessica Jones season comes out on Friday. Let's celebrate the world of the Netflix Defenders shows with a good old-fashioned commentfic fest!

prompt fest header

This is for all shows in the Netflix Defenders universe: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Defenders, and Punisher.


• All characters and pairings are welcome! No ship/character bashing.
• Crossovers are welcome as long as they include at least one Defendersverse character.
• Your prompt should include one or more characters ("any" is fine), and a prompt which may be long or short, specific or not, even a graphic or image. Use "/" for a romantic ship and "&" for a gen pairing.

Example prompts:
Jessica/Malcolm, picnic
Frank & any, teaching someone to use a gun
Elektra, "The sky grew darker, painted blue on blue"
any, visiting the Avengers tower

• Please include "FILL" in the subject line for your fills. This will help me compile a list of fills.
• There is no minimum or maximum length. Non-fic fills (e.g. art) are also welcome.
• Anonymous prompts, anonymous fills, more than one fill for the same prompt, and filling your own prompts are all fine. You can also use them to fill spaces on a bingo card, e.g. h/c bingo, if the bingo rules allow it.
• It's fine to comment on prompts with encouragement and squee as well as fills!

You are invited to add your fill to the Defenders Prompt Fest collection on AO3 if you like!

>>>> Master list of filled prompts.>>>>

I will add new fills as they come in.

SPOILER POLICY: When the new JJ season airs on Friday, I will create a new post for spoiler prompts and fills. Please avoid leaving spoilery prompts for JJ3 here. It's okay to include JJ3 spoilers in fills here, but please put SPOILER in the subject of the comment so people will know. (And to help your mod avoid being spoiled herself!)

The spoiler post for JJ3 spoilers is now up!

You are encouraged to promote this fest widely! It will remain open to new prompts until at least a couple of weeks beyond the airing of the new JJ season, and open to fills indefinitely.

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