June 6th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Tag-specific filtering

Putting this here partly for my own use so I can stop having to ask people how to do this, and partly for the use of others, in case there are things I post about frequently (*cough* Iron Fist *cough*) that some people might wish to avoid having to read about.

I think you need a paid DW account, but if you have one, you can filter out tags. To do that:

- Go to Organize --> Manage Filters
- Select subscription filters (which is where it goes by default anyway) and select your main reading filter from the drop-down, probably "Default" if you haven't done anything with it.
- A list of everyone you're following will pop up. Select the person you want to filter. Now you'll get a list over on the right-hand side of their tags and various other options.
- Change the "entry is tagged with ..." drop-down to "none", and then start clicking on tags you want to filter out. (Or you can do it the other way and leave it on "all" or "some" if you just want to follow a couple of my tags.)
- The tags you're filtering will appear in a list under the "none/all/some" drop-down. If you click the wrong one by accident, click it again in the list of filtered tags to change it back.

This is going to be a pain with me because I have a million tags I AM SO SORRY. >_> On the other hand, it means you can see everything at a glance and select all the ones for any fandom you hate, since my long-standing habit on DW/LJ is to use separate tags for fic, recs, and the fandom generally. I'm also pretty consistent about tagging posts and rarely post things untagged, so that'll work out in your favor.

FWIW I'm also totally cool if you stop following me, or just quietly filter me off your reading page, in case our interests have diverged. It happens.

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Winter Sunlight

Periodic reminder that I have a weekly webcomic!

Kismet is a full-color space opera webcomic I've been putting online since 2002.

Book 1: Hunter's Moon (342 pages) is online and complete.

Book 2: Sun-Cutter is currently updating on Mondays.

Sun-Cutter website archive | Sun-Cutter Tumblr.

There's a perma-archive on my website where I add pages in batches every so often (I just updated it, so it's up to date except for the latest page or two), and a Tumblr where the weekly pages are posted, which also has the full archive but it's kinda tough to navigate on mobile.

I should mention that you can watch me develop as an artist over the course of the comic, which means that some of the early art in Hunter's Moon is pretty rough, and my style changes a lot. There are also a few writing decisions I made in the beginning that I wouldn't make now, but we learn and grow, right?

You don't necessarily have to read Hunter's Moon before reading Sun-Cutter -- they have largely separate casts, although they take place in the same setting at roughly the same time -- but SC does spoil some things from HM by checking back in on several characters' storylines, and a few things will probably be confusing without having read HM first.

There is also a Patreon for the comic, which I'm trying to get back into updating more often. The weekly pages are also posted there. You can follow the Patreon without pledging; at this point, nearly everything is posted unlocked anyway. (I'm in perfectly fine shape financially right now and while I appreciate backers on the Patreon, please do not in any way feel that you ought to. I am perfectly fine with people lurking/following/commenting on the Patreon without being backers of it. Right now I'm mainly using it as a blog/forum for the comic anyway.)

Any questions, just ask me!

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