May 27th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Worst idea or best idea?

Looking through the [community profile] justmarriedexchange tags and prompts, especially the ones to do with things like "Marrying someone so they can't testify against you", gave me the absolute worst idea for an Iron Fist season one AU, and it is this:

Harold forces Ward to marry Danny to get hold of Danny's 51% of the company.

I love it because it is PRECISELY the kind of absolutely bonkers thing that Harold would do. It makes no sense, but neither do 90% of Harold's evil master plans anyway, and Ward would hate it and absolutely want nothing to do with it, but when has that ever mattered? All Harold has to do is tell him he has no choice and threaten to make Joy do it instead.

Getting Danny to go along with it is something I'm a little less sure about, but maybe if it was presented to him as basically a formality to reconcile the two families and legally unify control of the company ...?

And therefore, then, as of mid-S1 or so, Danny is actually living with Ward and therefore a lot more clued into what's going on with Ward at that point in the series (the abuse, the drug addiction, etc), whether he wants to be or not ...

Whether it actually ends up romantic is ... well ... the sibling thing makes them kind of a NOTP for me, though this was a lot less true in season one (I did actually read the pairing a bit in the S1 and immediate post-S1 time period). I could more easily get on board with viewing it romantically if it starts at square one and they never really get a chance to settle into thinking of each other as brothers, maybe a Colleen/Danny/Ward OT3 sort of thing. But I also kinda like the idea that it's only ever platonic and is mostly "forced cohabiting" more than "forced romance", with the two of them having to fake it for the media and being terrible at it and trying to figure out how long they have to put up with this before they can get a divorce without it being too much of a big deal.

But mainly I just like it because it is hilarious and bonkers and so completely a Harold thing to do (the one way in which he hasn't fucked over Ward is making him marry someone against his will!) and would also get Danny and Colleen way more involved in the Ward storyline in S1 rather than being off doing their own thing most of the time.

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